Annihilation - Vernichtung

Annihilation - Vernichtung is an anime episode of Elfen Lied that was released on 08/01/2004
Mayu is shown with her dog being homeless. Inside the plane, Bando is restless and decided to jump out of it in order to search for Lucy. At the beach, Nyu is in the waters searching for something.
At Kouta's house, two detectives come to Kouta to question him about a girl who looks like Nyu. He manages to lie to them that he didn't see her. By the time they leave, Kouta leaves in search for Nyu.
Yuka arrives at the police station. The two detectives that questioned Kouta before are there as well. Yuka says that she’s looking for a girl and the two detectives look at each other.
At the beach, Kouta sees Nyu when he gets attacked by Bando. When he is pointing a gun at Kouta, Satou asks him if they have orders to kill witnesses, but they don't have such orders. Kouta escapes from Bando and run with Nyu, only for Bando to kick him and point his gun at Nyu.
In the police station, Yuka is still talking to a policeman and tells him about searching for Nyu. Afterwards, she spotted Kouta in the ground, passing out.
Elsewhere in the beach, Nyu, now Lucy, fights against Bando as he fires his gun at her; however, the bullets bounces off. When Lucy attacks with her vectors, Bando sees them and dodges. He remembers that Lucy's vectors can only cover two meters; she throws things at him, leading Bando to realize that Lucy can't see past two meters.
Lucy has succeed in blinding Bando, but goes back being Nyu when retracting her vectors. It leaves Bando yelling and screaming in blindness.
In the hospital, Kouta is asked by the same two detectives about what happened. He replies to them that Bando tries to attack him, but they don't believe him and assumed that a gang attacked him. Realizing that Nyu will be in danger, Kouta lies to them that she is about college-student age, with a short haircut and is a bit overweight.
By the time he got out, Kouta is reunited with Nyu and hugs her. She gives a seashell and Kouta is thankful for that.
In the car, Yuka remembers back either years ago when they were kids. She remembers Kouta telling her that he will come back again the next year. She then looks down and sees that she has the key to Kouta’s house.
At his house, Kouta has finally decided to keep Nyu.
At the facility where Lucy escaped, Director Kurama is talking with his assistant. She tells him that they found Lucy, but lost her because she ran away. Kurama tells her that they are going to use Number Seven to get Lucy back. They enter a room and find a naked bloody girl, with pink hair and horns, chained up to a wall. She looks up at Kurama and calls him Papa...

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Emiko Hagiwara ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Yuki Matsuoka ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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