Anis Yamamoto

Anis Yamamoto is a anime/manga character
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Hard-headed and loyal she is the rose princess, leader of the rose knights.

When she was a little girl, Anis was given a rose choker that was suppossed to bring good luck and if she ever removed a horrible punishment would be placed on her. But ever since she put on that necklace misfortune followed her everywhere and that punishment doesn't sound as bad anymore. Constantly Anis is picked on by gang members, bullied by teachers to removed the necklace, and shunned by most classmates who assume she's a delinquent, but worst of all she can't even remove the necklace!

Then in high school, Anis makes a few friends but is still harrassed by teachers. She ends up becoming enemies with Kaede, and rumors of a boy with dark hair and angry face are passed that Mutsuki would curse you if ever make eye-contact with him. Anis fauns over Tenjou, the student body president, handsome, popular, and wealthy to boot! Her friends watch Seiran, their short and adorable senpai who is kind to everyone he meets. Just typical.

But one day when Anis and Kaede are forced to work together for afternoon chores in the rose garden, a small demon like (animal maybe?) creature came flying out of no where and hits her on the back of the head. She's knocked out for a while but when she comes to with Kaede's angry face near by she realized she'd lost her necklace! She'd wanted it gone for as long as she could remember but now that it was gone what her dad do? It's not like he would see since he was oversees on some research project and hadn't (nor will be) back for years. In the necklaces' place was a red card.

In a hurry, she scrambles around the garden for her necklace but can't seem to find it. With the possibility it might be in the library, Anis hurries inside only to find her homeroom teacher facing a giant demon?!

When he spotted her, he yelled for her to kiss the card. She realized she still had it in her hand and hesitated. OK, so it wasn't like it was going to be a kiss with a person, but she still felt uncomfortable with the idea, and besides what was kissing a card going to do? In the thrill of the moment she kissed the card and a tornado of rose petals appear followed by the Red Rose knight. She couldn't see his face at first but after hearing him say a corny allegence vow she realizes it was Kaede. When they both realized who the other was they immediately got angry and complete forgot the situation at hand until the scream of their teacher brought back their attention.

Kaede used his power to attacked to defeat the monster, which turned out to be the creature from before who had knocked off her necklace. He asked her if she liked the card but she told him no and tried to give it back, but instead her puked up three more cards. A white, black, and blue one. He told her to kiss them all to see which knight she liked. Anis was about to reply when he shoved them in her face.

Having kissed all three cards, three more tornadoes of rose petals, --black, white, and blue-- cut through the room and there standing before her was student body president Tenjou, upperclassman hearthrob Seiran, and the most feared man in shcool, Mutsuki. When Mutsuki saw who the Rose Princess was, he immediately walked out claiming she could not be his master.

This being her first time actually talking to the charming president, Anis realizes; he's gross.

Seiran on the other hand was a perfect gentlemen, unlike the others. The demon-thing then begins to explain to her that she is the chosen Rose Princess and the four Rose Knights were hers to control to banish the devil back to hell from the portal in the library. But seeing as the seal wasn't going to give for another millennial, it was completely useless for her to be selected now. Basically she was stuck with these guys. The thing then explained that when the Rose Knights use their powers that they are using energy from her blood. The cards were used to summon the Rose Knights or send them back.

Passing it off as a joke, Anis hurries out of the library she didn't know existed and tried disposing of the cards, but every time she did they'd just come right back. She is stuck as the Rose Princess.

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Name: Anis Yamamoto
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Barajou no Kiss #7
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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