The Faces of Anime Vice

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Purpose: Inspired by an idea about what poster student that represent our club at school, I wonder what you guys and gals think who represent us, or when you think about Anime Vice, who do you think of.

Back in the old days, I used to hear the names Gia and John Martone echoing throughout the website. A lot of people remember them and say that Anime Vice isn't the same without them. I don't know them, but their incarnations rest with us in the present people we have here representing us.

Anime Vice moves like the river of life. People come and go on this site, and other people are like rocks in the river and will remain here for all time.

The Faces of Anime Vice

I will try to be neutral here. This is just my opinion.

The Big Five

  • Ethan - (President) - for being there for the people
  • Tom Pinchuk - for his Watch and Learn and various news articles
  • Sotyfan16 - for his beginner guides and Dunce Cap episodes
  • Godlen - for his weekly reports on manga chapters such as Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto
  • FoxxFireArt - for his wiki updates, news articles, and community spotlight pages

Community Members

  • Superevil225 - for her podcast and witty blogs
  • Dochaus - for his blogs on incoming new anime and podcast.
  • Penguindust - for his deep comments and blogs that cover multiple franchises in wide genres
  • AgentJ - for his weekly blogs such as HOTD and Angel Beats and lists
  • ZombiePie (contrarian) - for his sarcasm, drunk blogs, and disapproval of dark anime fetishes
  • MadPierrot - for his very informative blogs that cover the culture of Japan and anime
  • BigHeart711 - for his amiable personality
  • ShadowKnight508 - for being there to greet new people and helping others
  • Newten - for being there for the people and writing articles that titillate us.
  • Sora the Key - for proving pictures from various anime or comic cons and posting Anime Round Table Discussions.

There were a lot of people out there that represent us, and I need to keep this list brief. Sorry about that. Please feel free to comment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Go Anime Vice!

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@takashichea: Great article, Takashichea. Even though she is not active in the forums, AnnaBanana should be on the list of Community Members for all of the awesome work that she does in the wiki department and the work she does with you & me on several series.

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Thanks! I do think about Anna when writing this article, but not much people know about her since she's not active on the forums. She and I are the silent helpers on Anime Vice. Don't worry about it.

In the end, she knows that I care deeply for her. I do mention her name and give credit to her on those weekly reports and recognition blogs. She inspires me to keep working. Without her and two others, I wouldn't be here.

She may not notice this, but every time I encounter a new wiki editor, I refer to my teammates and I if they had any questions. A lot of female wiki editors followed her which is awesome. (If you looked closely)

Annabanana is the role model for all female wiki editors like how Superevil225 is the role model for all young teenage girls in the RPG world of Anime Vice.

She and I are just people behind the scenes. I imagine Anime Vice as a theater. While the staff and wiki editors work behind the scenes, the people who are the faces of Anime Vice do the talking and sharing. Everyone else are the viewers and voice their comments by posting it on the forums.

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@takashichea: I'd say that Superevil225 is a role model for anyone who wants to join the RPG forums


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Hey Newdeath. Haven't chat with you for a while.

Yeah, I agree. I shouldn't be too focused on gender issues even though our demographics on this website is heavily male dominated. I still believe we have a bigger audience out there that we haven't tapped in much.

I'm looking forward to the day where Anime Vice opens its arms to the world and include animations from every country. That's why I created the Cultural Diversity page that has a mosaic picture of women out there.

Do you have someone in mind when you think about Anime Vice?

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Hey man, no kidding :P

Indeed. I think so as well.

Well whenever I think of AnimeVice, Godlen immediately comes to mind for his weekly reviews.


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You flatter me! I do what I can to make the site more lively and informative. I have fun doing what I do and though praise boosts my ego more than pumps me up, I feel everything is equally for me and the Community. I'm glad you and many other Wiki editors get noticed in the Spotlight because it takes a lot of time and effort to do so to only get your name at the side of the page. I see the editors as behind-the-scenes people who don't get credit as much as they deserve.

Now, as for my First 5 that come to my mind when I think about AV:


Tom Pinchuk




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Aw! I forgot about Newten. He's the man who wrote the Fairy Tail weekly reports. That attracts attention to the franchise and its wiki work on Anime Vice. Plus, he and I are working on a special project for a while. By the way, it's almost done. I just need the conclusion and the hook. Hope you look forward to it.

I'm such a noob! I blame myself for studying too much and procrastinating by making blogs yesterday. I will check out some dunce caps to distress a bit.

Thanks, man! It's has been busy for all of us. It will pay off soon.

Newten would be like, "Taka, how could you forget me?" I better go add him and Sora the Key.

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Thanks, but I really don't think I belong on that list above either Ethan or Tom. They are actual staff who literally influence content on the site. I would love to write more for the site, and I have tons of ideas for articles. Just doesn't feel right to be doing too much work when I'm just a member and not staff.


Thanks for the recognition in your blog.

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If I were in Ethan's shoes, I will hire you, man. It's no problem. You are my mentor.


We need all active writers to make this community great. Right now, we have 5 who are writing articles, I think.

  • Tom Pinchuk
  • Godlen
  • FoxxFireArt
  • Sotyfan16
  • Newten
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I wasn't ranking you guys. I was just giving the 5 users I think of first when I think of the site.

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Thanks, Takashichea. I knew I was known to an extent on the site, but this pretty much proves it as well as for the other well-known users around here. Let's keep up the good work, all! :)

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Neat-o. It's always nice to be mentioned and it reminds me to get off my ass and write something new. Those listed above are pretty much the regulars, I think. There was a conversation about improving AV over on GB recently and I said that this was a small community of dedicated members. Unlike GB, you generally see the same names replying in most threads and there's nothing wrong with that but it does highlight the differences in activity. I know that AV gets new members all the time, however I'd like to see more of them become more visible in the conversational threads. Anyway, I'm probably not in a place to criticize since I've been rather lax myself as of late. Props to everyone mentioned for their steadfastness within the forums.

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@takashichea: I agree with the list those guys do a heck of a job here.
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@Bigheart711: @PenguinDust: @Sonata:

Thanks guys! So do you have anybody that you had in mind that wasn't on the blog post?

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@takashichea: Great job. I agree with all of the people.

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ZombiePie - for his sarcasm, drunk blogs, and disapproval of dark anime fetishes.

I'm also incredibly contrarian.

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Speaking of Faces, I really should post here more often again, do reviews again, etc. etc. DAMN YOU REAL LIFE!!

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@Fire Star:



ZombiePie, I just added your "contrarian."


No worries. I'm not that active on the forums but only for wiki editing.

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