Anime Vice Trends: Weekly Reviews vs Discussion Threads

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Hello everyone, I'm Taka, one of the wiki editors in the community. This is the first blog of a project called Trends in Anime Vice. Originally, I had planned to release surveys, but the surveys didn't work out like I wanted them to. Instead of using the surveys, I have to rely on experiences and observations in my 3 to 4 years in the community. I'll be explaining the pros and cons of these different formats. With different communities, you have to use one or both depending on the situation: small vs big community, active writers, etc.


One of the complaints in Anime Vice was that we don't discuss anime and manga. You see this from the former Whiskey Media sites and other sites outside of the family. That's obviously a wrong statement made about our community. We do talk about anime and manga.

A group of of us, well rounded users and the mods, took out weekly reviews of our favorite shows. The mods did reviews on the Winter 2011-12, and they will PM their reviews to Tom Pinchuk who posts them on the front page. For me, I was a regular user, and I started in Fall 2011 with reviews on Beelzebub, Sket Dance, and Blue Exorcist. My purpose was to spotlight my teammates' wiki work while informing folks about these great shows. The more people knowing our wiki projects, we can get more help. Kuro joined me with his reviews on Guilty Crown. We were both wiki editors working on 2 projects together, Sket Dance and Guilty Crown.

During the Whiskey Media sale off in March 2012, the mods stopped doing their Winter Watch articles. After that day, we don't see any episode reviews from the mods. One of the reasons was that there wasn't much comments. In Summer 2012, BigHeart711 was reviewing Humanity has Declined while I was reviewing a few shows like Campione. I started experimenting with things from what I saw from My Anime List. I didn't want folks to bear so much burden especially my teammates on doing weekly episode reviews on top of wiki and school work. My Anime List had discussion threads where folks chimed in to talk about that episode. I found out less time consuming to do. I started a few discussion threads based on much hype and interests from the comments I got from the Summer Anime 2012 Trailers Anthology Blog. It was better to put out discussion threads on popular shows like Binbogami Ga! anime Discussion.

In Fall 2013, Daniel notice the discussion threads and talked to both BigHeart711 and I to start making them with wiki attachments. Then, we abandoned the trailer threads and converted everyone into a discussion thread.

That's our community's history in a nutshell.

Pros and Cons

Weekly Reviews

  • With a weekly thread, you putting influence on the community. Informing them directly by comments and indirectly by one's presence. Example: Sket Dance and Beelzebub had been placed in the Anime Vice's Top 2011 Anime.
  • In a personality driven site like Random Curiosity, the reviews have more individualistic appeal. You're able to share what your thoughts on. It's your opinion.
  • It's time consuming. One has to keep up a schedule and upload screenshots. If one is a wiki editor and a reviewer, you have double the work.
  • Division of Comments: one who likes the reviewer's style while one does not like the reviewer's style. It all falls on the reviewer. It can be a hit or miss. We are have our unique preferences. Some folks love friendly reviews while others prefer blunt reviewers.
  • You can say the funnel of comments pattern also takes place in weekly reviews. Same thing happens. Folks will drop the show and won't comment. It's okay because it's up to them.

Discussion Threads

  • It's not time consuming because the thread gets created.
  • A set pacing: Some folks cannot catch up to the reviewer in a weekly review setting. In a discussion format, users can comment on their own leisure. You don't feel rushed to post comment.
  • Without a one personality being dominated, a lot of opinions can be expressed. There is more freedom to express any thoughts, good or bad.
  • It's comment driven. You need at least 2 folks to comment. If there is only one person, the discussion thread is dead.
  • Funnel of Comments: You get more variety of comments in the discussions, those who love and those who hate. For those who dislike the show, they will drop the show and discussion. For those who love the show, they will still put the good and bad but not as severe as the ones who dropped the show.

There is also a common con for the two, and it's more on how your readers watch anime.

  • Marathon: There are folks who prefer to watch the whole series once it's finished airing. It's normal because some shows are more enjoyable in that style.

Nothing is perfect. All we have to do is adjust one or both for the community. Let me know if I missed some pros or cons.

Thank you for reading.

Next topic would be: Personality vs Community.

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Truth be told i don't see much difference between discussions and reviews, in that they both have the same problem. they are both driven by user comments and interest; and both will die without either. Which is odd when you consider the fact that if someone is interested in an anime and manga, it is only rational to assume that they will comment and discuss, which they oddly rarely do.

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Not exactly true. It depends on the writer for the Weekly Review style. Sometimes, the lack of comments discourage reviewers to come to our site because it's a small, passive community. However, I didn't put that down as definite because some writers will keep writing reviews no matter what until the series end. That example would be you and I.

You writing weekly chapter reviews for Magi, Fairy Tail, Claymore. I used to write reviews for Sket Dance, Blue Exorcist, Campione, and Arcana Famiglia. I had to stop my weekly Fairy Tail episode reviews because Daniel asked me to lead the discussion forums back in Fall 2013. That was before you came to the site. Remember, your blog, Katmic at Blogspot, isn't user friendly to post comments when comparing to Anime Vice where we don't use Facebook to post comments. Folks find alternative usernames more safe and private to use.

For discussion threads, they're completely dependent on comments while weekly episode reviews can keep going depending on the writer's drive. Some writers crave for comments while some writers review a show to inform an audience regardless of getting any comments.

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