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The purpose of this thread to record all Roundtable discussion threads that past mods and regular users had hosted. To promote user content in the community. Part of Anime Vice's community and staff's goals is to promote user content because we are community driven. Feel free to use this thread to pool ideas.

My style was to promote anime and manga series that dealt with the wiki projects where my teammates and I worked on. That was when Fire Star was taking over Sora's job in the Roundtable discussions. Fire Star and Sora invited well rounded and respected users to partake in the roundtable discussions. With Fire Star and Sora being inactive, I'm somewhat reviving the roundtable discussions. I'm doing it less frequently given how much time it takes and what topics are hot during seasons. It's better to do a roundtable when you have a momentum during when a new anime or popular manga series is on the majority's watch/ read list. Today, I invite everyone who has a good standing with the community.

After my meeting with Tom Pinchuk back at Anime Expo 2013, he told me we're community driven. He said users shouldn't be shy in promoting their stuff on the front page. As I work with the community, I was looking for ideas. I ask Daniel, sickVisionz, Foxx, Gia, and plenty of others in Anime Vice and on Twitter. Finally in August or September 2013, I got a break through, the cultural interviews (An Entire World of Anime Fans! -- THE VICE PIT). Let's keep on working on it.

Lastly, remember, anyone in this community can start a roundtable of their own. I'm not a leader, just a facilitator.





Post by takashichea (13,798 posts) See mini bio Level 25

We should start a Jojo Roundtable now that we got some momentum in the community, the wiki and battle threads are rocking with the Jojo's theme. Let me know what we could cover. There are a lot of things we can divide it up (IE: by story arcs or emphasis on the different Jojos, Hamon vs Stand, etc) I know Tom is doing the W & L article on the series. I wanted to do a Kill la Kill one, but the wiki editing team and some of the guys were too shy. It's too late to do a Kill la Kill one.

Let me know if you can find a third person.

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