Moment the 5th: Worthwhile Sacrifices and Usagi Drop

Topic started by Turambar on Dec. 21, 2011. Last post by BraveToaster 3 years, 3 months ago.
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So I heard "Best Of" lists were popular this time of the year.  Here's my relatively brief one.  Partly because I don't remember every show I watch over the year, and partly because I don't have time to watch them all at all.  Then again, if a moment wasn't compelling enough to make me watch/remember it, it probably wouldn't make the list anyways.
Compared to much of the anime that I consume regularly, Usagi Drop is a very sedated show in both action and drama.  Yet there is a constant level of emotional appeal that makes every episode so enjoyable.  It rests in how honest the characters are, especially Daikichi.  He does not lie to himself about the situation he has set himself in, what he gives up in life by taking in a six year old.  He recognizes the difficulties of child rearing, and learns from figures in his life the potential struggles it causes. 
But neither does he, as the only character whose inner monologue we hear, turn the story into one about his struggles only.  There is a supreme optimism and understanding on his part.  Understanding just what Rin must be going through, and indeed what her mother must have went through to reach her decision, and optimism towards how he can give her a better future.  It is largely enabled by an almost perfect relationship he has with Rin, but you never fault the show for this idealization as Daikichi's own great efforts at making this family structure work garners sympathy and respect.
Usagi Drop, much like Honey and Clover previously, holds a very special spot in my heart because of how it takes advantage of my life experience.  No, I don't have a child, adopted or otherwise.  But I do have people for whom I have sacrificed for.  I also have parents that have sacrificed much for me.  This show is sweet nostalgia for moments in both my childhood and faux-adulthood that I had long forgotten.
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I'll have to check this out. Thanks!

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