RAGE OF BAHAMUT -- Best Anime of Fall 2014?

Topic started by No_name_here on Dec. 15, 2013. Last post by takashichea 1 month, 2 weeks ago.
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I can definitely say it one of the top anime this year.

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This is the one and only anime that I promised myself I'd watch from this season. But I'm patient. I usually wait for the whole series to be out so I can get through in a few days. I find it easier to commit that way.
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I originally put this off. This and World Trigger. Putting other shows first. Got disappointed by the others. Then when I put this on, I was blown away. Thanks to I gave it a try. Glad I didn't miss out. Will say this is the best animé from this term, closely followed by World Trigger.

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I personally think Garo is slightly better than this. Garo, This & Parasyte is my top 3 anime of this season, even thought parasyte turned out to be somewhat unexpected.

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@DeathOfWest: Garo should rank right up there I agree. But it was not as much as a surprise as this show in being good or better than you would expect from a show based off a card game.

@Supreme Marvel: Glad ya did not miss out as well. It fit well in what we were discussing at the time an happy that my recommendation was correct. Much like a broke clock I can be right twice a day.

@taichokage: Ok hype kills, so do not let the good words I or others have for the show set up a unreal expectation since your gonna marathon it. But my opinion is odds are you will be very pleased with the quality on all levels of this wee show based off a card game.

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Best of Anime is subjective and based on your demographics.

I would say Rage of Bahamut is more of an underdog in our community. It outdone itself since it was based on a trading card game. It shows that anime adaptations can be done right. I love the show, but I have to choose between this show and others for the Vote for Your Favorite Anime and Manga in 2014! thread.

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