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Unlimited Blade Works episode 6 began innocently enough, with most of the first half dealing with the aftermath of episode five, and examining the new dynamic that exists between the main characters as they adapt to the new reality that Shirou and Rin have formed an alliance.

Shirou and Rin’s mystical servants, (Saber and Archer) seem…less than enthusiastic about the new development. With Saber scolding Shirou for making such an important decision without consulting her first, and Archer going even further, stating directly to Shirou’s face that if he weren’t bound by Rin’s orders, and expressly forbidden from taking actions without her consent, he would very much like to kill Shirou (since Archer believes murder and not alliance-forming is the most efficient way of winning the Holy Grail War).

Despite this however, everyone seems willing to grit their teeth and try their best to cooperate. And although their servants have reservations about the new arrangement, Shirou and Rin seem to be getting along quite well. In fact, a mere day after joining together, they manage to successfully form a strategy to force the unknown enemy who attacked them in episode 5 to reveal himself.

This new, evil, servant-summoning magic-user turns out to be Shinji Matou (the brother of Shirou’s kind-hearted friend and classmate Sakura Matou). When Shirou confronts Shinji, (A selfish, heartless, womanizing jerk who is as cruel as Sakura is kind) and demands to know if Shinji was responsible for the attack the other day, (as well as a series of other magical attacks that have been harming people all over the city recently), Shinji, insists that he is innocent. Shinji swears that he’s ONLY harmed one unsuspecting civilian so far (naturally he says it was the civilian’s fault). And he swears that the attack his servant launched against Shirou and Rin the other day was an accident, due to the fact that he’s new at summoning and his servant went “Out of control.” Shinji suggests it would be beneficial for all parties concerned if he and Shirou were to form an alliance so that they can help each other learn to master their magic powers and prevent unfortunate incidents like yesterday’s attack from happening in the future.

Shirou doesn’t believe Shinji’s story and refuses to form an alliance…which…actually may turn out to be a fatal mistake as later that night, Shirou gets the shock of his life and discovers that Shinji (perhaps the most vile and untrustworthy character we’ve seen in the series up to this point)…was actually telling the truth! It seems Shinji wasn’t responsible for the magical attacks that have been harming people all over the city recently. A Magical servant named Caster (who is far far FAR more evil than Shinji could ever hope to be) is the one behind the attacks. How do we know this? Because Caster has chosen this night to attack Shirou!

Sending a series of magical threads into Shirou’s home when he’s asleep, Caster wraps Shirou up in an inescapable web and abducts him, dragging Shirou to a Japanese shrine Caster has chosen to use as her lair. She reveals that she’s been attacking people all over the city and draining their life energy in order to gather it here and use it as a tremendous reservoir of power that will allow her to win the Holy Grail War. And since Shirou seems to be the weakest and most vulnerable of all the human mages participating in the War, Caster has decided to choose him as her next target and drain away all his energy, as well as the magic command seals on his hand, which give him power over his servant Saber.

Caster’s scheme is interrupted however when Archer (who sensed Shirou’s abduction), arrives on the scene, and announces that he’s prepared to fight Caster in order to defend Shirou’s life. Could it be that Archer really isn’t such a bad guy after all? Is he really prepared to go toe to toe with Caster? Considering all the magical energy she’s stolen, will he be able to win? Only time will tell. But I for one can’t wait until the next episode to find out.

Watch "Mirage" and decide for yourself.

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