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Welcome to the WHITE ALBUM discussion thread.
Come here to chat about the latest episodes, the characters, plot, or the series in general.

Genre: Romance, Drama

Plot: Tōya Fuji, a college student is dating a rising idol singer named Yuki Morikawa. There are numerous challenges to the couple's relationship from the other people at Fuji's college, Morikawa's work, and elsewhere.

White Album 2: The story centers around a college junior named Haruki Kitahara and his relationships with Setsuna Ogiso and Kazuki Touma in the light music club.

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Geez, I'm the first response to a show two seasons back? Oh well :(


I just finished this up today after having stalled on it for months then watching about 10 episode over the weekend until today. This show ended up being pretty good. Not as good as the first White Album but a good sad romance show nonetheless. The thing I like about this and others like it is that the characters clearly make mistakes but I can always get where their coming from and why it makes sense and additionally, the choices aren't black and white. There are times I felt characters made a bad decision but then I think about the opposite choice and it's like choosing that would still be a bad decision. At the end of the day, it just is what it is and that's that.

I also really love the ending. It's not your usual happy harem thing. It's post high school graduation. Some people leave, some people stay, some drift away. That what "resolved" the situation. Some people got some things off their chest but it ends like, "well person x left town for college so I guess there's no more triangle to be had," but none of the emotional issues really got resolved. If anything, I guess Touma will probably make out the best due to a forced separation and having no choice but to move on with her life. Meanwhile Setsuna and Haruki will probably try to prop up what ends as a pretty toxic relationship for a while longer with the ultimate outcome, imo, being they break up after a few months of college and ultimately don't learn how to deal with situations like this better, but rather just develop ways of avoiding situations like this.

Anyways, good show. It takes a long ass time to get to the drama (about 7 episodes) and even then it doesn't start really hitting the drama hard until like episode 9 or 10, but I liked it a lot. Good series if you're into that somber Lost in Translation type of romance.

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I prefer Revolver
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