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@takashichea: Ya it qualifies as a harem easy. Least half way threw the seaosn it was full bore.But hes not your tipical male lead in a harem either.You also have the one who saved his life the one with the eye patch to.

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@Marshal Victory:

For Strike the Blood, I forgot to add the harem tag. That's why I thought the series wasn't a harem until I finally realize I made a mistake. For this show, Wikipedia and ANN didn't mark it as a harem. I may have to read the definition of a harem.

this show definitely qualifies as a harem.

  • Yaya - wants to be in Raishin's pants and is extremely jealous of other girls
  • Charlotte - hates him but doesn't want to admit she likes him (tsundere)
  • Frey - likes him
  • Yaya's little sister - seems to like him when she asks Raishin to touch her chest.
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@takashichea: The maker of the machine doll that is Yaya the lady with the eye patch an drinks shes into him as well.Tho for a few difrent reasons.

as for definitions..


Harem (genre)

Harem, hāremumono (ハーレムもの), broadly, is a loose subgenre of anime and manga characterized by a protagonist (or several protagonists) surrounded, usually amorously, by three or more members of the opposing sex and/or love interests. The most common and practically tantamount scenario is a male-oriented harem anime where the main male character is surrounded by a group of females; when it is a female-oriented harem anime, it is informally referred to as a reverse harem, or gyakuhāremu (ハーレム). More recent variants include removing the protagonist's opposing sex and/or gender identity to better appeal to a more broadly diverse audience, such as futanari-oriented harems, yuri-oriented harems, and yaoi-oriented harems (as with Gakuen Heaven).

rule of thumb ( tho thats a poor use of words on my part) is 3 or more intrested in one. because if its just two thats a triangle.I really should stop using rule of thumb.Been part of my vocabulary since i did autobody work.Its origins are not that great.But localy its not used as its origin about a legal stick to beat ones spouse.

edit : like i said ANN is great at times but not so great with its catagory of genes an sub genes.

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@Marshal Victory:

Yeah, we should use our judgement and not rely too much on Wikipedia and ANN.

How many harem shows we have this fall?

On topic:

It seems that Raishin was betrothed. I wonder if it's that sister of his. I remember there was a little girl who looks like Yaya in the past. My brain is dead. I could be wrong. If I was take something memorable from this show, it would be Yaya, a puppet who is really naughty and obsessed, and the catchy ending song.

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@takashichea: Um Outbreak Comapny was a harem as well.Maid, princess, an wolf girl.You could count the princess right hand guy their to he seemed to have a crush on the lead as well.

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.Counts to Airi Alternate an Fino Bloodstone plus Elsa Crucial had a secret not so secret crush on the lead.

Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari was one big time.

Back to topic...

Yeah if it turns out it was his sister.. eww.. an she might be the living part of Yaya.. double eww.

Also this ending?

or ya mean the close in 12 not sure who did that one.

full version

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They never revealed what happened to his sister unless I missed when I was multi-tasking while doing a marathon on this series. I forgot to comment when I finished back in January.

The ending was average, but it didn't leave us a lot of questions or tie a lot of knots which is good. It will leave fans watching another season if it does come. A lot of light novel based anime adaptations with harem genre don't have a lot of a luck when it comes to second seasons.

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@takashichea: can not get the dan spoiler thing to work!!! so forgive me atm.

ok he gave his sisters ashes to the guy in the mask... who is also his brother.

There is a OVA out now but have not seen all of it to.

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@Marshal Victory:

It's okay. I don't mind spoilers. I don't have a lot of attachment to this series unlike the other shows. I forgot his sister died now that I remember the ash bottle scene in the 1st or 2nd episode. Wow, didn't know that was the brother.

The reason I asked was that you and I thought Yaya was based on (oh crap, I forgot the guy's name, Raishin) Rashin's sister. It would be like BlazBlue to an extent if you watched that series since you mentioned the mask man is the brother.

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@takashichea: I did watch part of that BlazBlue an kinda know what your saying. But the one who made Yaya found him almsot dead after the house was destroyed. She would not have enuff time to make that one based off his an then go to him. It may have been one of those un intended things or she used a picture of his sister before she died. But it adds another wrinkle to the story.

They gave up the jack the ripper suspense a bit to fast for me. But over all it was a good series.

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