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Oh yeah. I don't want him to become like the kings but maybe have some degree of strength. If he could take on the creatures of Human world that would be nice. But as for Joa, the translation I read only had Jirou call Joa she. Setsuno called Joa a he right after. Setsuno also said that Joa had apparently eaten Ichiryuu's full course and had 100% of the cells in their body active, something even Ichiryuu didn't achieve. He said he had awoken the majority of his body's cells and that Midora was close to doing the same. And when Jirou said Ichiryuu was the strongest in the world, I doubt he was including Joa. He didn't even know who Joa was until Cooking Festival arc and he double teamed Joa with Setsuno.
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@Jinbeifan1: i see komatsu as a relatable character, its pretty much what would happen to normal people like us if we were to travel with toriko. i think that's pretty epic. though he does need more power to stand out. nobody is gonna convince me that he can cook dishes that nearly killed frohze without having some sort of power. that would be ridiculous.

BTW im pretty sure joa is stronger than the 3 disciples. she's the only one to have ever eaten acacia's full course and still live up to date.

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@taichokage: Hmmm I guess we'll have to settle for a he/she now XD True, but I doubt Joa can handle two at once, since it(he/she is taking too long to write XD) since Joa felt threatened by just Setsuno and Jirou, and Setsuno even admits she's not on their level. And as for Komatsu, that's a good point. At some time in the future, he'll probably learn God Cooking like Frohze I believe. I don't know if that'll make him stronger than any of the kings, but it should defenitely shoot him high up.

@othus12: She was sick though, but I get what you're saying. And yeah, he is much more relatable than four monster killers, a modest weak chef is more on a human level XD But I do think he's pretty well written as a character, no doubt

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I think othus is referring to when Acacia and Frohze went with Pair and the other Blue Nitro. She prepared an unknown ingredient, presumably GOD and was weakened tremendously. Komatsu is realistically going to have to have some power, especially since Jirou implied that all one's gourmet cells would need to be awake to use God Cooking.
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@othus12: @taichokage: True.... anyways, off topic, why doesnt mad house studio do the anime?! I just saw this and it looks AMAZING!

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@Jinbeifan1: that's just amazing i really want an OVA for the toriko vs starjun fight. those guys really made an awesome job.

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@othus12: I know right?!? These guys should DEFINITELY reboot the series, they'd make it look AMAZING! Zebura would look so damn badass, and his fights wouldn't look like a bunch of lazy drawing. Seriously, I was REALLY let down by the fight with the three Nitro -.-' They should do an OVA starring all the Kings

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Online Now

When I finished the anime, I'll get to the manga.

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  • Toriko vs Starjun
  • Coco vs Aimaru
  • Sani vs Grinpatch
  • Zebra vs Teppei
  • Komatsu vs Buranchi

I was thinking it would be like a Goku/Vegeta relationship where they compete each other.

Also, do you guys think that Komatsu will get a few power ups soon? I mean all the best chefs on the planet are powerful enough to go and fight in gourmet world. Not only that, but eventually Komatsu may end up learning God Cooking like Frohze. So I think that Komatsu might end up getting some power ups later in the series.

As for the main story, I feel like there is going to be one arc per Gourmet World continent which gives us 8 solid arcs for Gourmet World. As for what comes after, the next arc would end up being the fight against NEO, the discovery of the Food Utopia under the earth, and the fight with Joa and Blue Nitro.

Honestly, I think that the anime pulled a Soul Eater with that early ending to it. The anime ended with Asura Kishin wayyy before the manga did it (of course with more story and power ups added though). The anime of Toriko has Toriko and Starjun working together to fight Joa. After that, Joa reveals his/her true form and then Toriko fully awakens his Gourmet Cells and then Infinite Kugi Punches Joa into oblivion. I think that's how Toriko vs Joa will happen in the manga, except with the more advanced story of course.

The next storyline would of course be the "Gourmet Cosmos" as taichokage said. I believe that this is where they will finish the Blue Nitro conflict, meet some alien overlords, fight the Demon King that will bite the sun, and maybe an evil Acacia? Why would he even become evil in the first place, corruption? Maybe Pair (his soup dish) manipulated him.

On a side note, what do you guys think God is? What is it's capture level? Is it an immensely powerful creature? Also, how strong do you think Acacia's full course ingredients are?

And how about Mappy!!! Honestly, I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about that character that makes him so fascinating. The fact that he is so mysterious. What do you think his intentions are? And who/what do you think he is? He seems to be incredibly powerful as well and above the 4HK in power as it looks.

So, that's basically what I am thinking on Toriko now. What do you guys think?

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@Jinbeifan1 said:

@othus12: @taichokage: True.... anyways, off topic, why doesnt mad house studio do the anime?! I just saw this and it looks AMAZING!

That scene was way more badass than the Toei anime series combined. This really needs the be the anime series for Toriko.

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@othus12: @taichokage: Another theory from me: Who thinks the reason that Acacia told Midora about the healing water is that he had some idea of what it would do for Frohze? I have this thought that at her time of death, Frohze was pregnant with Joa and died while she/he was in the womb. Acacia feared as much would happen, and so he purposely told Midora of the healing water. Because Midora continued to pour the water on her grave, it somehow reached Joa in her stomach, and brought it back to life. This also adds to the fact she is one of the few to eat Acacia's full course because Frohze ate it while prego, feeding Joa through herself. Crazy right? :O

@IndridCold: The rival thing I'd say is most probable, I think The writer has already done so through the 4 beasts so I wouldn't be surprised to see it done in the future :P

Why do you think Pair corrupted Acacia of all his dishes? XD I'm curious though, is there something about it I haven't heard?

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@Jinbeifan1: If you read the chapter when Frohze dies, they talk about Pair and how it talks to Acacia since it is apparently a highly intelligent being.

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@IndridCold: Dafuq??? I musta skimmed it on accident 0.0 maybe Pair is evil!!! lol

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@Jinbeifan1: It must be evil, it seems to spew out "prophecies" though, so I guess it knows something about GOD?

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I guess Teppei wants to die

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I guess so. This will be interesting because up until now, Teplei has had superior strength than the Kings. Easily beating Tommyrod who Toriko was technically killed by, and subduing Zebra twice easily. However it's ALL 4 Heavenly Kings. And what's worse is that they just ate AIR. There's no way he could beat them together and even 1 on 1 is questionable at this point. But there are 2 issues. 1. Teppei has a deep connection to 2 of the Kings. First Toriko. He revived him from death and was pivotal in his recovery. The other is Sunny. They both were disciples of Yosaku. Now in lieu of trying to murder Komatsu I don't think they'll hold back but if they learn of Joa's manipulation then I don't think they'll be willing to kill him. The second issue is that Teppei was not alone. If I'm not mistaken, based on the silhouettes, Vice President Shigematsu and Saiseiya Kaitora are with him and they are most likely stronger than the Kings based on their rank unless AIR gave them an ungodly boost. I'm starting to think Midora will show his face. He should be seething at NEO right now and he has a keen interest in Komatsu.
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