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Topic started by Destinyheroknight on Jan. 2, 2014. Last post by katmic 3 days, 8 hours ago.
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Kinda hinted that if he didn't take the pills he would go Phyco on all of them. But I doubt that memory erasing thing is permanent, Gowther is trying to find if love can exist beyond memories so obviously he's going to be proven wrong because it's shonen .

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Idk. Even though Diane and King are my favorite Sins, Gowther is awesome too. If he beats Diane which he logically should since he has his sacred treasure on him and Diane doesn't as far as we know, then I think it'll make for an interesting plot twist. Wait until King finds out that Gowther was fighting Diane. Forget not knowing love. Gowther won't know his head from his ass after King is through.
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I never did like Gowther... he's always been my least favorite Sin, and now I have good reason. he's being a total asshole!! i'd pay any amount of money to see Dian pound him into a fine paste.

also, I think Merlin has Mel's Sacred Treasure, they seemed to be hinting to as much before Hawk interrupted. either that, or he's in some kind of "sealed state", like i've been suspecting.

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@Jinbeifan1 said:

Sooooo Gowther's turning into a real asshole XD

lol! True!

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I've been waiting to see Gowther really let loose; he survived having his neck broken; it will be interesting to see just how much damage he can take; it is interesting that Merlin spoke of keeping Mel's treasure away from him as if it were for his own good; maybe his treasure makes him full demon.

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