The Real Best Anime of Fall 2014?

Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 18, 2010. Last post by katmic 2 months, 1 week ago.
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the real best lol XD

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Well I'm glad you clarify on the likes and dislikes as you made it sound that the summer was a complete wash for everyone.

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For me, I find these shows to be the best for Fall 2014:

  • Gugure Kokkuri-san - It was fun and entertaining.
  • Akatsuki no Yona - It's a Shoujo manga adaptation that is a bit different from your usual Shoujo rom coms. It has fantasy and action. I had thought this was a reverse harem for some reason.
  • Chaika the Coffin Princess - Probably the best anime adaptation of a light novel that isn't ecchi harem. It was just pure, fantasy and action. The anime ended on a good note.
  • Cross Ange - It had some controversial stuff and a lot of ecchi. Wouldn't recommended to folks who don't like that stuff. I enjoyed it. Reminded me of Valvrave. I wanted to see how it ends, a train wreck or not.
  • Gonna be Twintails - More of a guilty pleasure show. It's about sentai rangers with twintails fighting against monsters who steal twintail affinity. Our main character is a gender bending, twintail loving guy. Expect a lot of bizarre fetish.
  • Parasyte the Maxim, Psycho Pass 2, and Fate Stay Night were the shows with a lot of high expectations. They were pretty entertaining. Wished Psycho Pass 2 was a bit longer.
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Boom! Got a mention!

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Should shows that are continuing into the next season should be considered for best of Fall 2014? After all I feel like you can't fully judge a show for best of season u till it finishes airing
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Part of the problem of thinking people by in large are happy in Psycho-Pass is just what was mentioned "malaise". Which does not equal happy. At its core Psycho-Pass is asking how much freedom can be sacrificed an people still be happy? At its current point Sybil has pushed to far in its perfect society. People are drowning in their own stress management. That surly does not make one happy.

The sheep comment fits well. They in that system are not creative but a cog in the system. Second season showed us Sybil's perfect citizen an how much of a lickspittle she was.

@Supreme Marvel: An thanks to you I got a second hand mention! Again glad you liked Rage of Bahamut Genesis .

@Wraith: I think thats what they mostly mentioned. The ones that was one season not hold over two season long um season shows. Garo: Honoo no Koukin, The Seven Deadly Sins , etc etc were not mentioned as they carry over to winter. But I could be wrong. Happens any part of the week that ends with day :/

But yeah I like to judge a show long term if possible as well. Some tho I like early an even if they falter at the end of the series the ride was worth the time.

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I also found the Summer to be pretty drab, but for me fall 2014 really delivered a lot of awesome shows', and now I'm super Pumped to see more of parasyte and Stardust Crusaders,
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Summer had some good show. Aldnoah.Zero, Black Butler: Book of Circus, RWBY 2,Silver Will Argevollen, even Sword Art Online II had some great arcs, Terror in Resonance an Tokyo Ghoul. Some did not live up to the hype others were cut short or finished poorly. But their was good shows in the summer. Worse some started slow or with a flash forward.

Psycho-Pass New Edit Version was even good as a director cut with added 10 to 15 minutes of new animation each episode. Re: Hamatora tho flawed was above average. Tokyo ESP suffered from director cuts more than any thing but was still watchable. Now others may not like these but for me if I look I can find anime worth watching an enjoying. Opinions vary.

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Every anime that i watched over the last 12 months which was hyped as hell completely failed to live up to my expectations. Fate/Stay night was supposed to be something heavenly, and the animation was most definitely heavenly; everything else, however, was very meh!

Aldnoah Zero sort of tried but was also largely average (though that probably has more to do with my current distaste for mecha; they all look and feel the same to me). Terror in Resonance could have been better than it was (and faster paced). Tokyo Ghoul was supposedly something out of this world. Until i actually watched and realized that It was just very okay, and that rushed finale didn't help. I am trying to get into star dust crusaders but it doesn't quite hold my attention. I can't tell whether it wan'ts me to take it seriously or not.

IN fact the only thing that really impressed me in recent months was the one anime i refused watch and decided beforehand that it already sucked, only to be proved wrong; and that was SAO II. If i ignore the last six or seven episodes it actually managed to stand out, along with a bunch of other non-shonen series that i didn't expect to enjoy.

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