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Topic started by takashichea on June 1, 2014. Last post by Marshal Victory 5 months, 1 week ago.
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4 was gritty feeling. But good. The illustration style an backgrounds made the city feel hot. An at night cooler. Problem with this last riddle is if you don't know the rule how can you avoid cheating? Then again they are not playing but moving to their goal.

@takashichea: Color wise they use the fade an huge saturation for effects in this. Where as they just went overboard on Copellion. Cant remember exact quote from art teacher years ago but it was something like " tasteful is being restrained with style,while tacky is going overboard with it." Again thats just preference an opinion. But it kinda fits the restrained use of the huge saturation in this show.

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@Marshal Victory:

Thanks for the clarification. For me, K and Coppelion have so much hue saturation. Terror in Resonance seems better than them in balance.

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Ep3: Haha watching anime on my desktop (as opposed to laptop) is so much better! There are some sounds like the bass in the ED that you only hear with a subwoofer xD. Otherwise I'm enjoying the variety of music in this series, and how it is edited to go with the action. I'm happy that they went a little further with the Oedipus myth and connected it to Japanese myth. I was not ready for that, so a lot of the Japanese side of things went over my head.

Not much going on with Lisa, just another reminder that she exists... with her Mom, and she is an accomplice. But we did learn more about detective Shibuzaki. So he dislikes summer because at the town he grew up in everyone stayed in because it was too hot? Which meant he missed his grandma? I feel like that could have been explained a bit better. And like most troubled detectives he pursued a case a little too far. Unfortunate.

I liked how Shibuzaki live streamed the solution to the riddle, sending a message to Nine and Twelve, successfully disarming the bomb. So I guess the score is 2-1 for the kids (since they stole the bomb and took out a building). We'll see how Nine and Twelve respond. Do they actually have the nuclear bomb and plan on using it? We got a little glimpse at the facility that Nine and Twelve were raised at. A mysterious white-haired kid that reminds me of the kids from Akira. And Nine getting shaken up over leaving the white-haired kid behind. I'm sure they have interesting arguments for becoming terrorists..

Anyways, it looks like all the plot seeds have been firmly planted by this point. Now to see how it all unfolds!

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@takashichea: In this show its used for a purpose. Like when its hot out side at high noon. Or in one episode to reflect the second gen Hiroshima survivors memories an feelings. Coppelion at first seemed to use them for radiation but then just went nuts with the colors. K felt like it was new tech for the animators an they went overboard. No Game, No Life some times reeled it in but for my tastes used it bit to much.

Again its opinion ,what one likes etc. But to much for me is when the line work is blurred by the hue saturation / blur . Mostly it bugs me because I used to Airbrush every thing from t shirts to cars an when the color bleeds out the lines it always was a sign of sloppy work. When quality illustration work is lost in colors that defeats the line work.

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Lisa is finally part of the plot now

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Okay, episode 4 had me bored out of my mind. all it was, was a bunch of heads talking about a bunch of crap and fuck all happening.

So when it started to finally pick up at the end, you can understand why I was irritated because it only lasted for less than eight minutes or so.

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Episode 5 pulls the good guys or bad guys card an plays it well. So far its easy enuff to get that the pair were in some kind of training place an it was up to no good. How this ties to reveal that with the publicity from the bomb plots I am not sure. Or if they are targeting those who helped keep them in the facility?

As it stands now me thinks odds of a "happy" ending is very low. But a revenge ending is looking good.

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Ep4. It can feel frustrating just watching the cops playing into the boys' plans every time, and have them play the typical police game. While Shibazaki, our star detective, is the only one who is willing to get down and dirty with the boys... That came out wrong. But I suppose this is a case where 'it takes a crazy person to understand a crazy person' situation. Shibazaki is the only one willing to 'play their game', while everyone else just goes about doing typical police stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if the boys eventually take advantage of this and manipulate Shibazaki into actually setting off a bomb or something. When Shibazaki was entering passwords I was like "You don't know what entering the correct password could do! IT COULD BE A TRAP! You could be entering the password to set off the bomb you IDIOT! FFFF--"

The end result though is that the score remains about even. The boys hacked and leaked the investigation information onto Twitter. But the police might have had a lead on the guy on the motorcycle? (I'm not sure it all went by pretty fast). Anyways I think it's pretty exciting that stuff like Twitter and Youtube have begun to be shown in media. Here it's being used to showcase leaking of information. Which is meta because we as viewers are also watching this anime through similar online video players, and in a way the story information and plot is 'leaked' to us through these public channels on a timely basis xD. BRILLIANT!

*cough* Interestingly, of the anime I'm watching right now, this anime feels the least "anime" =\. Something about the subdued city aesthetic or the police operations reminds me of more western films or series (like Flashpoint or something?) or other live-action police series/action films? I think there are some Chinese and Japanese live actions that follow a police detective. Lastly, the motorcycle scene reminded me of the tunnel scene from Perks of Being a Wallflower (great movie btw o3o).

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Ep5 thoughts: Damnn the pay-off of the explosion and the reveal of white-haired lady "Five" was brilliant! I really enjoyed the smoke effects. The first half of the ep progressed fairly typically as we get an update on Lisa's status 'living with' Nine and Twelve as she recovers from a fever. Then the Shpinx's reveal yet another riddle for Shibazaki and the police to solve. It is solved, but things don't go according to plan as a new player joins the fray!

It would have been pretty boring if they just continued the back and forth like in previous episodes, so I'm interesting to see what this new lady has to offer. The theme of eating comes up again xD, but here it's how Nine and Twelve don't remember what food tasted like back in their training camp. It's just how memories and habits work, if you have the same food experience repeatedly, the brain learns to use less and less resources to attend to the taste of the food, until basically the brain doesn't pay attention to the taste of the food at all. So by having a variety of good/bad food experiences, it's like another way of helping remember different things that have happened in the context of eating.

ANYWAYS, I feel a little weird about Lisa. She's kind of a typical naive, cute, damsel in distress. It was interesting how they brought up how she doesn't feel like she 'has a place where she belongs' in society, maybe Nine and Twelve feel the same way, and that is a part of their motives?

But from this episode Nine and Twelve made it really clear that they do NOT want to kill people. But then what is their true aim? To terrorize people? Five (the white-haired new lady) was definitely cutting it close if she intended Nine and Twelve to disarm the bomb themselves. But I guess Nine and Twelve got a little taste of their own medicine, since they made the police run around in previous episodes.

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6 was good. Show has done the bad guys to good guys switch in what two episodes?

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7 shows the good guys are not always the good guys an the bad guys can have a poodle hair cut.

so um 8 is in understood right means .. t

hat they were experimented on an will die soon because of those experiments?


9 we learn more about the numbers. An why all those people who you tubed about how this show was about Americas undue influence over Japan were just projecting.

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Still need to catch up on this series.

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Like the series for the most part thus far as it is one of the more complicated and tense titles for the year thus far. Do have a couple gripes: Five's childish and maniacal behavior at points during her faceoffs with Nine and Twelve makes it hard to take her as a serious threat at points and I'm befuddled over what sort of role Lisa's supposed to play as she hasn't been of much use or relevance in the series thus far beyond being damsel in distress.

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I haven't yet seen episode 9, and I'm probably in minority saying this, but this show has turned out a bit disappointing for me. I like the dark mood and a more realistic setting, and the story did seem intriguing at first. However, it didn't really go anywhere. The show is almost over, but it didn't have much to say, not to mention that I don't know the characters any better than in the beginning nor do I really care for them. And since Five showed up, my interest dwindled even further. I agree with Dream regarding Five and Lisa. Five is a rather silly antagonist and Lisa... Well, she's that obnoxious anime cliche female character: a painfully timid and clumsy school girl who walks around constantly gasping, with a dumbfounded expression on her face. It irked me from the get-go, but I figured that once she gets involved with those two, she'll find her inner rebel or something similar, muster up some courage and develop as a character in general. But, I guess that was too much to expect. There are other cliches as well. Shibazaki, for example. While I don't dislike him, and I'm glad to see a more mature character who actually looks mature, his character is such a cliche, although not an anime one, but a Hollywood-esque type. A washed-up, but brilliant cop who refuses to play by the rules, is brought back from "exile" to solve one more case, etc. Sounds familiar? Of course, all the other cops don't seem to posses a brain and would get nowhere without him. Not to mention that he figures out everything quickly and easily, that there's rarely any suspense. Maybe I wouldn't be bothered by these things if there was more to the story or if it was more engaging, but as it is, it's just forgettable, unfortunately.

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Ep9 basically had 2 parts, which I guess explains why the episode felt so short. First we were with Shibazaki and detective friend visiting one of the men behind the Athena experiment. So it's not like they were being trained to be killers or super soldiers (like in Halo or similar), but the experimenters were interested in replicating the enhanced intelligence of savants. But as we all know.. intelligence is not a simple matter.. similarly for rationality/creativity etc.

perspective of Eiffel Tower
perspective of Eiffel Tower

Then the second half focused on Nine going to save Lisa while Twelve goes to retrieve the plutonium bomb before its too late. I really liked the neon ferris wheel, especially the perspective from the bottom looking up at all the crossed beams of the ferris wheel, reminds me of pictures of the Eiffel Tower from the inside (seeing things from a different perspective, you know all that good stuff..):

I was almost convinced that they were going to kill Lisa for plot motivation and roll my eyes while they did so. But they didn't! And looks like Five is having to relive some trauamtic thoughts in the process. I guess partly she feels like she was left behind by Nine and Twelve.. and just wants someone to love her again.. instead of just using her for her talents and such. And so maybe she feels a little jealous toward Nine and Lisa, but that conflicts with her desire for 'revenge' on them for leaving her.

So it will be curious if Shibazaki's investigation finally reaches the conclusion that Nine, Twelve and Five are the surviving children from the Athena experiment, and how that will affect the plot. It definitely looked like his detective partner was feeling really sorry for the children who died, but it is much harder to read what Shibazaki might be feeling about the children being used in the experiment.

I'm not a fan of darker scenes, because it can be hard to see stuff, and sometimes I can see my reflection on my screen. But I feel like this series does enough with the lighting and angles to keep things visually interesting, while maintaining a consistent and unique tone(?something like that?) For example during the interview with the old man. I really like the way they animated the old man wipe his face, or how the tea spilled over, or how they cut in the visuals explaining the savants and the experiment in the white facility.

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10 may well describe the undertones of what this series was really about in less than a 2 minute conversation.

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@whiskers: Hang with it till the end. It may be going places the set up does not foreshadow.

@AURON570: The animation an illustration style as well as " camera " use in this really does raise the bar.


11 was sadly predictable after a point but it felt epic in its own way. A lot of subtle things about its message at the end. The numbers on the "headstones" kinda whispers we were people not numbers. Its message was clear at the end for me. Tho some of what happened at the end just does not work that way even tho popular belief says different.

Overall it was above average in story. Super high marks on illustration an animation. So it makes my list.

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