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Welcome to this belated Spring 2014 Movie and OVA Guide! I had realized that we forgot to the do the Winter's Movie and OVA guide back then. This list below contains a few shows from winter that were released this season. Most of these movies and OVAs are not available legally because the movies are still in Japan while the OVAs are bundled with the DVDs and Blu-Rays. Consider this as a preview. Some of the OVAs do not have trailers.

Movies and OVAs are important because they serve as extra helpings for the fans who want more after finishing up an anime series. Hope you guys and gals enjoy the guide. Let us know what movies and specials you're looking for.

Credits: I used a few sources, Neregate, Anime News Network, and MyAnimelist, to compile the list. I thank Dekken for creating an awesome banner.


Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace
  • Producer: Satelight
  • Release Date: February 22
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: Marika Kato, a third year student at Hakuho Girls' Academy, is a legitimate space pirate with a Letter of Marque. Between her studies, leading her school's space yacht club, working part time at Cafe Lamp, and being the captain of the space pirate ship Bentenmaru, Marika's days are very busy. One day, Marika gets a job to rob a high-class passenger ship, and she discovers that on the passenger list is Kanata Mugen (played by Asami Shimoda), a boy who owns a "galaxy pass." Thus, an adventure featuring a hyperspace race between pirates and one young boy begins.

Buddha 2: Owarinaki Tabi~ (Endless Journey)
  • Alias: Buddha 2: Tezuka Osamu no Buddha ~Owarinaki Tabi~
  • Producer: Toei Animation
  • Release Date: February 8
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot (1st Movie): Prince Siddhartha is heir to the Shakya kingdom, which is constantly at war with the more powerful Kosala kingdom. His father tries to raise him as a warrior leader and to shield him from the miseries of the world. Meeting the young outcast girl Migaila, Siddhartha experiences love for the first time but also witnesses the suffering that afflicts humankind. Meanwhile, in Kosala, Chapra rises through the military, despite his lowly origins, to become a hero and general of the army. A final showdown between the two kingdoms forces Siddhartha to re-evaluate the path he is following.

Crayon Shin-chan: Gachinko! Gyakushu no ROBO To-chan
  • Producer: Shin-Ei Animation
  • Release Date: April 19

Plot: In the kindergartner "Shin-chan's" 22nd movie, his father goes for a massage to fix his sprained back. However, he returns home as a robot that can cook and clean and be operated by a remote control. However, the form contains a secret that's involved in a big conspiracy of restless Japanese dads who are upset that their positions in their households have become weak. The anime will feature the film series' first "battle of dads."

Detective Conan: Sniper from Another Dimension
  • Producer: TMS Entertainment
  • Release Date: April 19
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The film features the appearance of FBI agent Shuichi Akai, and revolves around a sniping incident case. Even though someone was aiming a sniper rifle at Akai, it was Sera who was shot in the chest. The people in Tokyo are afraid of getting involved in this dreadful sniping incident. Will Akai, who should be dead, be targeted again? And why was Sera hit? The film will also include appearances by Subaru Okiya and FBI agent Jodie Starling.

Doraemon: New Nobita's Great Demon—Peko and the Exploration Party of Five
  • Producer: Shin-Ei Animatioin
  • Release Date: March 8
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: This is a remake of the 1982 film, Doraemon: Nobita's Great Demon, which was written by original Doraemon co-creator Fujiko F. Fujio.

Giovanni's Island
  • Producer: Production I.G.
  • Release Date: February 22
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The story follows two boys, big brother Junpei and little brother Hirota, who live on a once peaceful northern island between Japan and the Soviet Union with their parents. In 1945, first love and tragedy entered their lives. The story depicts their blossoming love for a Russian girl, the chaos and fear from an army occupation, and the bonds of family.

  • Producer: Ultra Super Pictures
  • Release Date: March 1
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: Every person has his or her own little world. Among the 34 bustling students of classroom 2-1, there are many such worlds. Akio Honjō's world — my world — is filled with passionate talk about last night's anime with Yoshida, Watanabe, and other friends. It's an fun, comfortable place…. But, I always wonder. Wonder about the world of Juri Makina, smiling and surrounded by gorgeous friends on the other side of the classroom. One day, I enter her world. But it's not as simple as it sounds.

Kuro no Su - Chronus
  • Producer: Studio 4°C
  • Release Date: March 1
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: Makoto Nakazono is a high school student with a small dark secret. Since he was little, he has had the mysterious power to see black entities that steal souls. One day, he is suddenly interrogated by one of the black entities. Akira and Makoto are having a strange conversation. At that moment, Makoto didn't notice the threatening shadow approaching his childhood friend Hazuki

Hakuouki Movie 2: Shikon Soukyuu
  • Producer: Studio DEEN
  • Release Date: March 8
  • Check out the trailer!

No summary available. It's the second of a two-part film project that tells an all-new story in the Hakuoki franchise.

Ookii Ichinensei to Chiisana Ninensei
  • Producer: A-1 Pictures
  • Release Date: March 1
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: First-grader Masaya is a crybaby despite his large stature, so he can't walk by himself on the dark path to school. The one who holds his hand is Akiyo, a tiny but capable second-grader. Masaya wants to be strong like Akiyo and admires her, but one day, something happens that leaves Akiyo in tears. To lift Akiyo's spirits, Masaya goes trekking to the distant Ipponsugi forest to find the spotted bellflowers that Akiyo loves.

PreCure All Stars New Stage 3: Eternal Friends
  • Producer: Toei Animation
  • Release Date: March 15
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: Eien no Tomodachi will be the sixth film to unite all the main characters from the Precure magical girl franchise.

Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection: Prism Show☆Best Ten
  • Producer: 10GAUGE and Tatsunoko Production
  • Release Date: March 8
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: Residents of the Prism World Momo and Penguin-sensei work together to introduce various Prism Shows throughout the history of Aurora Dream, Dear My Future, and Rainbow Live. Within the many Prism Shows performed by Aira, Mia, Naru and their friends, only ten rank on top.

Paroru no Miraijima
  • Producer: Shin-Ei Animation
  • Release Date: March 1
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: There is a tiny island floating on the other side of a distant sea. Strange animals, still unknown to humans, live there. The children of the island — Paroru, Zūzu, and Rikotto — come across a photo of the human world one day, and fascinated by this beautiful wonder, break the rules and rush out of the island. Paroru and the others are surprised and excited to see the human world for the first time. However, unforeseen pitfalls await them there…. The question is "can they safely reach their journey's destination"

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Valentine-hen
  • Producer: Studio DEEN
  • Release Date: March 15
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The film will play with a new "Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi ~Valentine-hen~" anime short. The short will tell a brand-new story about how four couples (including Masamune Takano/Ritsu Onodera and Zen Kirishima/Takafumi Yokozawa) spent Valentine's Day.

Shimajirou to Kujira no Uta
  • Producer: Benesse Corporation
  • Release Date: March 14
Sora no Otoshimono Final: Eternal My Master
  • Producer: Production IMS
  • Release Date: April 26, 2014
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The trailer starts by introducing the new story that will continue the "big hit anime." Ikaros narrates the trailer, saying that because she was picked up by her master, every day, minute, and second was pure happiness. Through the bad and the good, everything seemed like it would be okay … until suddenly everything changes when her Angel Imprinting disappears. The trailer switches to a much darker mood, followed by explosions and Ikaros and Tomoki flying into the sky. Their friends look on as they go until Tomoki falls from the sky. Ikaros is crying to Tomoki, asking for what purpose was she made, and she screams “This power….I don't need this power.” At the end of the trailer, a final scene is played. Ikaros asks Tomoki, “My master, one more time, please become my master.”

Tamako Love Story
  • Producer: Kyoto Animation
  • Release Date: April 26
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: Tamako is just a normal young girl whose family has been making mochi for generations. As her birthday approaches, she happens to meet a talking bird who claims to be a royal court attendant looking for a bride for his master. After the encounter, Dera the bird decides to stay around her and becomes a part of Tamako's life and the neighborhood that she lives in.

Tiger & Bunny The Movie -The Rising-
  • Producer: Sunrise
  • Release Date: February 8
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot (Anime Series): Sternbild City is home to people called "Next," who use their special abilities to protect the people as superheroes. These heroes solve cases and save lives so they can wear sponsor logos or acquire "hero points." Their activities are documented on the popular program "Hero TV," which picks the "King of Heroes" in a yearly ranking. The veteran hero Wild Tiger has always preferred to work alone, but now he's been assigned the rookie Barnaby Brooks Jr., who has a different perspective on being a superhero.


12-sai. (OAD)
  • Producer: ?
  • Release Date: April 3

Plot: The story begins with Hanahi, a sixth-grade girl who is neither an adult nor a child. She deals with issues such as accidentally witnessing her homeroom teacher kissing, and worrying about experiencing physiological changes before her friends. The manga depicts a 12-year-old girl's innocent worries and first love.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S (OVA)
  • Producer: J.C. Staff
  • Release Date: March 25
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The OVA is bundled with the official visual book. Mikoto Misaka, one of the strongest Level 5 espers in Academy City, gave her DNA map to a certain doctor when she was young, believing that it may be used for greater good. Unfortunately for her, it ended up being used to create countless clones of herself; forming the Misaka network, in order to create the strongest esper by sacrificing these clones whom she considers as her own sisters.

Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Lite
  • Producer: Kyoto Animation
  • Release Date: March 13 (Episode 6)
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: I, Ex-Middle Two Syndrome sufferer (“Chuunibyou”) AKA Yota Togashi and current MTS sufferer Rikka Takanashi, have happily exchanged the vows of truth (we’re going out), and I am enjoying life IRL to the fullest... Or at least, I should be. Yes, I really should be. If it wasn’t for the game-changing appearance of my best friend from my previous middle school, super powerful MTS sufferer Sophia Ring SP Saturn VII AKA Satone Shichimiya! What in the world should I do now?! And thus, the battle of The Devil VS The Evil Eye begins!

Freezing Vibration
  • Producer: A.C.G.T
  • Release Date: December 23

Plot: Anime Short bundled with BD/DVD Volume 6. The sizzling sci-fi adventure continues as teens Kazuya and Satellizer continue their studies at West Genetics, where they learn to combat the alien invaders known as Nova.

  • Producer: Dogakobo
  • Release Date: May 14

Plot: Kyouya and other members of the GJ Club travel to New York for a graduation trip! But what GJ Club activities will they be doing...?

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation
  • Producer: David Production
  • Release Date: March 26

Plot: Unaired episode 13 of Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation, included in the 7th BD/DVD volume.

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.
  • Producer: Asreed
  • Release Date: March 9

Plot: Raul had always wanted to be a hero, but the demon king was defeated, leading to the end of hero exams. He reluctantly took a job working at a small electronics store called Magic Shop Leon. His life is dull but busy until a new girl comes applying for a part time job. She's the daughter of the defeated demon king.

Kimi no Iru Machi (OVA)
  • Alias: A Town Where You Live
  • Producer: Gonzo
  • Release Date: March 17 (2nd Episode)
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The OVAs are bundled with the limited editions of manga volume 26 and 27. Haruto moves to Tokyo to live with his older sister in order to attend highschool there and be closer to his girlfriend Yuzuki. The two of them have been having a complex long distance relationship ever since she moved away from Hiroshima. However, when he arrives he doesn't get the welcome he expected. Instead he's mistaken for a prowler and assaulted by his new neighbor with a baseball bat and his girlfriend is doing her best to avoid him.

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (OVA)
  • Producer: ?
  • Release Date: March 26 (2nd Episode)
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The mixed twins – Kobayashi Mitsuru (male) and Kobayashi Megumu (female), who haven’t seriously fallen in love for someone and other who doesn’t know anything more than 2D world. A situation arises were Megumu and Mitsuru are forced to cross dress, and go to school? Mitsuru’s encouter with a cute girl in Megumu’s school and Megumu’s meeting with the guy she met earlier is actually in her brother’s school?? Will they find themselves and their first love??

Little Busters!: EX
  • Producer: J.C. Staff
  • Release Date: April 23
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: At last, the baseball team of the Little Busters has reuinted, with many new friends among old ones. However, peace for the fun-loving students would not last forever. As Riki Naoe learns the truth behind his narcolepsy and the other mysteries around campus, he realizes that the dream must come to an end, and everything that had stopped starts to move.

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad
  • Producer: A-1 Pictures
  • Release Date: May 16
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The world of the spin-off manga is set 30 years before Magi and tells the story of the younger days of Sinbad, the king of Sindria.

Master of Torque (ONA)
  • Producer: YAMAHA Motors
  • Release Date: March 20
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The series chronicles the exploits of three young motorcyclists riding through a semi-fictional Tokyo in the near-future. A total of four episodes will be produced from this spring through the summer and released on YouTube. YAMAHA is creating the series to appeal to the global audience and express the "fun of riding motorcycles and the kind of lifestyle they can bring" with a focus on the MT-09 and MT-07 models.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Special (OVA)
  • Producer: Dogakobo
  • Release Date: March 19
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: A one bonus episode special that was bundled with the First BD and DVD release. Yonomori Kobeni is a high school student who leads a pretty normal life... and then the day of her 16th birthday arrives. Despite having very little presence, her fiance, Mitsumine Hakuya shows up suddenly along with her sister-in-law, a little girl named Mitsumine Mashiro. Without any prior explanation, they begin their peculiar life together. Kobeni's older sister, Yonomori Benio, who has has a sister complex and is a bit of a pervert is thrown into the mix and things get even weirder. Kobeni's life is no longer normal.

Mitsuwano (OVA)
  • Producer: Starchild Records and Zexcs
  • Release Date: March 12
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The story focuses on a girl Mai Ichinose who decides to be a maiko after seeing Ichiyou, a senior maiko whom she met during her school trip in Kyoto. After graduation from junior high school, she persuades her parents who are against her decision and goes to Kyoto to be trained as a maiko. However, she is told that the geisha house that she plans to stay in has already decided to wind up their business. Then Mai meets Ichiyou again by chance. Mai asks the okami (female owner ) of Ichiyou's geisha house Kikuya to give her a lesson to be a maiko. After passing the test given by the okami, Mai finally starts training for her dream job with two other trainees Midori Aikawa and Riko Kikuzuki.

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (OAV)
  • Producer: Diomedea
  • Release Date: May 20
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: Kanade Amakusa – a boy cursed with the mental power who will turn any multiple-choice quiz he thinks about into a reality. However, one day in school, he is given another choice: a beautiful girl will fall before him or he will fall from the rooftop in female clothes. Although he chooses the first option and it comes true, he and his new-chosen love – Chocolat – are in for a hilarious multiple-choice adventure.

Noragami (OVA)
  • Producer: Bones
  • Release Date: Feb 13

Plot: The 10th and 11th volumes of the manga will be bundled with a DVD. The 11th volume's description reads that the DVD will adapt “that popular flower-viewing arc!”

Pokemon XY Special: Strongest Mega Evolution Act I
  • Producer: OLM
  • Release Date: April 3
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: Mega Evolution. A new evolutionary form introduced in the Kalos Region. Is it really possible for all Pokémon to undergo Mega Evolution? This story revolves around a young trainer named Alan and his partner Lizadon (Charizard). Alan's objective on his journey is to "defeat all Mega Evolution Pokémon and stand at the top of the strongest summit." Along their journey Alan and Charizard meet and battle with Mega Absol and Mega Gaburias (Mega Garchomp). Additionally, Alan will battle with Zumi (Siebold), one of the Kalos Elite Four. Does Siebold also have a Mega Evolution Pokémon? Why is Alan so obsessed with Mega Evolution? And what is the real purpose of his journey?

Puchimas!! Puchi Puchi Idolmaster 2 (OVA)
  • Producer: Gathering
  • Release Date: March 27
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: The episode is bundled with the limited edition volume 6 of the manga series. Fans of the iDOLM@STER franchise won’t want to miss this super cute spinoff! Hyperactive hijinks are sure to follow when the idol girls of 765 Productions discover the mysterious Puchidols – chibis with adorable abilities – have invaded their office!

Seitokai Yakuindomo * (OAV)
  • Producer: GoHands
  • Release Date: May 16

Plot: Our story here circulates around the Osai Academy, formerly an all-girls private high school which has recently been integrated for both genders. Our protagonist, Takatoshi Tsuda is pushed into becoming the vice-president of the student council, where he is the lone male member surrounded by 3 beautiful girls.

Sengoku Musou SP: Sanada no Shou (OAV)
  • Producer: TYO Animations
  • Release Date: March 21
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: A TV special and anime anime adaptation of Samurai Warriors, a franchise produced by Tecmo Koei. The anime will cover the Siege of Ueda Castle.

Sunday Without God
  • Producer: Madhouse Studios
  • Release Date: February 5, 2014

Plot: A 3 parter bonus story that is bundled with the fifth Blu-ray and sixth DVD volumes. In a world where there is no god, the inhabitants cannot passed on after dying without the aid of a Grave Keeper. It follows Ai Astin who wants to save the world.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll Specials (OVA)
  • Producer: Lerche
  • Release Date: March 26 (Episode 4)

Plot: The Original animation are included in the BD and DVD volume releases of Unbreakable Machine Dolls. In the mechanized city of Liverpool, a Japanese student enters the most prestigious machinart academy in the world. There, students fight against each other using automatons and living dolls in the quest to become the world's best puppeteer.

Vanquished Queens (OAV)
  • Producer: Hoods Entertainment
  • Release Date: 3rd Episode (March 29)
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: This series is a new story and not a continuation of the Queen's Blade anime series. The first OVA (30 minutes) is called Holy Ghost Violation (3-29-2013), and it's on the first Blu Ray disc with an extra segment. The 2nd OVA (7-13-2013) contains a bonus extra titled Airi's Midnight Snack Bonanza, and it's bundled with the 4th Premium Visual Book. The 3rd OVA, "Rurō no Senshi Leina-hen" (The Wandering Warrior Leina Chapter), will be on Blu-Ray on March 29. It will mark the first anime appearance of Werbellia in the anime.

Wanna be the Strongest in the World Specials (OVA)
  • Producer: Arms
  • Release Date: April 12 (episode 5)

Plot: There are a total of 6 special shorts that were included separately on the BD/DVD volumes for this anime series. Hagiwara Sakura and Miyazawa Erena are the leading members of a popular idol group Sweet. One day, Erena is injured by the attack of a female pro-wrestler Kazama Rio during the recording of a TV program. Sakura gets mad at Rio and gives her a dropkick. To avenge Erena, Sakura enters the female pro-wrestling matches.

Wild Adapter (OVA)
  • Producer: Anpro
  • Release Date: March 26
  • Check out the trailer!

Plot: In the original manga by Kazuya Minekura (Saiyuki), a young gang leader named Makoto Kubota (Morikawa) takes in Minoru Tokitoh (Ishikawa), a boy with a mysterious past. Minoru has been exposed to the drug "W.A." which has transformed his right arm into a monstrous limb. The two investigate the origins of the drug that is devastating the city's underground.

Yozakura Quartet: Yoza-Quar! (OVA)
  • Producer: Tatsunoko Production
  • Release Date: March 19 (Episode 4)

Plot: Each of the six listed Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~ Blu-ray Disc/DVD volumes will include one previously unseen episode of the Yoza-Quar! anime. The bonus shorts will feature the characters in a "slighly risqué" light not seen in the main story.

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Post by Halberdierv2 (1,302 posts) See mini bio Level 17

I've only watched Pokemon Strongest Mega Evolution, but I havent watched ShibuShibu and Hyperdimension Neptunia yet.

Post by Marshal Victory (2,862 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Hmm No Ghost in the shell ova...looked up list an its dropped from spring. Boo I say Boooo. Hopefuly its not because of song stuff an more production value increase.

Post by takashichea (15,862 posts) See mini bio Level 25

@Marshal Victory:

I didn't see Ghost in the Shell when I was cross checking Anichart, Moetron, and Neregate lists. ANN's list of OVAs was bare and useless for me this season. I was about to put Girls Und Panzer from Anichart, but the date was for July.

Post by zaldar (1,330 posts) See mini bio Level 15

ok so the idea of shin chan doing a show about the changing nature of manliness in Japan...HILARIOUS! I would say I hope they do it well...but yeah...I don't have any hope for that...

Post by Marshal Victory (2,862 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@takashichea: Yeah petty sure 3rd part was on there at one time. Maybe it there was some confusion with this project http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-03-28/ghost-in-the-shell-arise-border-less-project-short-films-streamed an they removed it not sure when 3rd one is due. thought the arise ovas were 4 oir 5 parts in total.

Post by Vapovile (2,282 posts) See mini bio Level 17

Wow, lots of stuff to watch o.o

Definitely going to watch the Engaged to the Unidentified OVA, but most of the others I have to look into before adding them to my exploding watch list xD.

Post by Halberdierv2 (1,302 posts) See mini bio Level 17

well, I watched shibushibu, and I regret it. second half of the OVA appalled me.

Post by takashichea (15,862 posts) See mini bio Level 25

@Marshal Victory:

I see. I missed that news article. We should put out a thread for fans who were wondering.


I hope the Pokemon one gets streamed since the Origin one was successful in getting attention from veteran and new fans.

Post by Daniel_Newton (3,321 posts) See mini bio Level 20

Hopefully half of the new Sora no Otoshimono movie won't be recap material like it was in the first movie. A short recap would have been fine but it was ridiculously long, even if it was from a different character's perspective.

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