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Welcome to Shōnen Hollywood discussion thread.
Come here to chat about the latest episodes, the characters, plot, or the series in general.
Shōnen Hollywood (少年ハリウッド)

Producer: ZEXCS
Type: Based on a Novel
Genres & Themes: comedy, slice of life,

Release Date: July 5th, 2014

Plot: The TV anime is based on Ikuyo Hashiguchi's boy's idol novel Shonen Hollywood and animated byZexcs (Diabolik Lovers, The Flowers of Evil). The novel was originally posted on a web-novel siteEverystar and a book version titled Shonen Hollywood -Red, Green, Pink- was published in July 2012. The forthcoming TV anime tells the original story set 15 years after the 2012 novel. It centers on a new five-member group Shonen Hollywood performing in a theater named "Hollywood Tokyo" placed in Harajuku, Tokyo, and is scheduled to premiere on TOKYO MX, Chiba TV, tvk、TV Saitama, Sun TV, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, and BS 11 in July.

— Crunchyroll

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Updated the release date, July 5.

The official site for the upcoming TV anime Shonen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49- has announced its premiere schedule in Japan. It is based on Ikuyo Hashiguchi's boys idol-themed novel series, and is animated by Zexcs (Diabolik Lovers, The Flowers of Evil). The novel was originally posted on a web-novel site Everystar, then a book version titled Shonen Hollywood -Red, Green, Pink- was published in July 2012.

The premiere schedule:

July 5: AT-X (20:30~), TOKYO MX (25:00~)

July 6: Chiba TV (23:30~), TV Kanagawa (23:30~), TV Saitama (23:30~), KBS Kyoto (24:00~)

July 7: Sun TV (24:00~), TV Aichi (26:05~)

July 11: BS 11 (23:00~)

The TV anime tells the original story set 15 years after the 2012 novel. It centers on a new five-member

group Shonen Hollywood performing in a theater named "Hollywood Tokyo" placed in Harajuku, Tokyo.

The novel's original writer Hashiguchi also works on series composition for the anime.

From Crunchyroll

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Crunchyroll continues a new slew of summer season announcements today, and the first title of the day to issue forth is SHONEN HOLLYWOOD -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49-, an idol anime from studio ZEXCS.

SHONEN HOLLYWOOD –HOLLY STAGE FOR 49- is set to broadcast every Saturday starting on July 5, at 10:30am Pacific Time for its premium members, with free members able to watch one week later. More information can be found on

Based on the mixed media project by Ikuyo Hashiguchi, studio ZEXCS will be producing the idol anime SHONEN HOLLYWOOD –HOLLY STAGE FOR 49-. The plot takes place 15 years after the original light novel’s story in a fictional theater called Hollywood Tokyo in Harajuku. The five aspiring members, Kakeru, Kira, Ikuma, Daiki and Shun, work together to develop their talents as idols.

The project brings together an all-star cast of voice actors known for their leading roles in some of today’s most popular anime. Daiki Yamashita (Onoda from Yowapeda) as Kira Saeki, Kensho Ono (Kuroko from Kuroko's Basketball) as Shun Maiyama, Ryota Oosaka (Eijun from Ace of the Diamond) as Kakeru Kazami, Shota Aoi (Ai Mikaze from Uta no Prince Sama 2) as Daiki Tomii, and Tetsuya Kakihara (Yohei from Kuroko's Basketball) as Ikuma Amaki. The opening theme, “Hello World” will be performed by the titular group, Shonen Hollywood.

SHONEN HOLLYWOOD –HOLLY STAGE FOR 49- will be available to Crunchyroll’s audience in the following territories: Europe except English speaking territories, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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I'm interested. It reminds me of UtaPri, but it feels more 'down-to-earth', while also still feeling light. The distinguishing features of each character seem a lot more relatable than the characters in UtaPri. You have the main character who is kind of like a blank-slate, going along through school, they did a good job laying that out in the first few minutes. It might seem like a lot introducing all the male characters at once, but I see potential to explore them more. A former child star, a guy with pride.. that's pretty much all I remember. It'll be interesting to see how they identify each character, they don't have the benefit of extremely bright hair like UtaPri did, and Shonen Hollywood isn't using any chibi antics.

So I'm preparing for some interesting character development. I like that they showed the rehearsal. If it feels embarrassing, it will look embarrassing to others. The whole idea of 'practice makes perfect' and how you have to fake it first before you embody it, is relevant to all performance arts, and more generally how we present ourselves in public. Also, I liked the scene on the train where the girls give them giggly glances. I wonder how the main character's awareness of how he is perceived by others changes as the series progresses (if at all).

Now excuse me while I practice my interpretive dance moves *starts flailing arms and posing*.

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Episode 2 thoughts - July 19, 2014

Way to give in to bribery man! This is turning out more interesting than I thought it would. After first half of the ep was spent in the theater learning more about the theater's past, hinting about the President's past, cleaning and practicing fake attendant lines... The second half we get a more introspective perspective with the main character.

All the talk about being fake and being original was critical in this ep! On the one hand this idol group is sort of a replacement/fake/replica of the previous Shonen Hollywood. Maybe the President was previously an idol in the Shonen Hollywood group, and he wants to recreate his success with a new group. By subjecting a group of young guys to the same/similar experiences he had as an idol? I guess most teachers have similar sentiments, they want their students to succeed, so they try and teach others what they know. But then some teachers are unfairly biased to their own discipline, since that is what they studied..

The manager came across as quite obnoxious. He also seems to have a fairly selective memory, or maybe he's just faking having bad memory to get out of saying too much. Says he's been around for roughly 18 years, that would make him what 40 years old? Yeah okay... Also his character perpetuates the 'flamboyant performance instructor' stereotype, ugh. Anyways they did a great job of making the rehearsing and repeating of lines feel extra fake and 'put on'. I wonder if the main character will eventually get brainwashed into becoming an idol, and what reasons he will grab onto for doing so.

Maybe the other guys in the group are having similar doubts about being an idol, but they just do a better job of hiding it? I mean, we only get to hear the main character's doubts in his introspective soliloqus. The pained expression on main character's face at the end after hiding his sneakers from his friends was well done. At this point it does not seem like being an idol is for him... but we'll have to see.

Episode 3 thoughts - July 26, 2014

This episode was the most nostalgic episode so far as we get the first real glimpse at the former Shonen Hollywood. You can't be an idol forever, huh? You also can't live forever. =\ This anime has a way of being lightly melancholic.

I was not a fan of the light owl abuse in this episode. Does the owl serve any story purpose other than looking unimpressed and cute? I found it ironic that one of the guys tried to make the owl say 'shonen hollywood' like the owl is a parrot. When they, as idols, are basically parrots, how they rehearse lines and gestures all for the purpose of bringing hope/joy/entertainment to others. Then when the owl at the end finally says "hoo", it's anti-climactic because you wonder, well even after they rehearse all these lines and put on this play, what does it matter? Or you could look at the "hoo" more optimistically and say "well okay, if the owl practices more he can say holly, and then work his way to saying shonen hollywood", but the same question still pops up, the "what next?" question, and "why bother?" I guess in this sense Shonen Hollywood is oddly existential, as takes a slightly more sobering look at what it means to be an idol.

Anyways, it was nice that we got to learn about another character, this time the blonde Tommy. I found it unsettling that the former Shonen Hollywood member that Tommy is replacing, and who also inspired him in the first place to become an idol was named Tommy. Why would you want to be a carbon copy of someone else? I guess this is a comment on how various idols and idol groups are so similar, and the idol industry is a kind of industrial churning out of certain types of people, who often become sex symbols and role models. You start to wonder whether the guys are just wasting their time trying to be idols, or if they could be doing something more 'productive'. For example in this episode they had that scene where Kakeru tells his parents that he will be performing in a play. Then his dad goes "you want to be an actor? Haha, well you can do anything while you're a kid!" In some sense, Kakeru is still just 'going with the flow' of things, since he treats being an idol like having another job.

I also found it unsettling that former Tommy referred to the manager as "God" at the end. Like the manager is playing with these young men's lives, trying to make them into idols, or making them have certain shared experiences. To what end? Iduno. The manager is still a mystery, I guess, while the flamboyant stage manager still has the depth of a toothpick.

The OP and ED are growing on me. It's weird because they are both VERY upbeat, while the story itself is more downbeat. I guess it's the difference between practice and rehearsal. With the OP and ED we see the final result, the perfectly rehearsed performance. While during the story, we see the little life problems and issues they deal with, or see them practicing lines in the bath... For example, when the guy was trying to teach the owl, his voice was just grating! I was about to skip ahead, but thankfully it didn't last long. xD

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Bump for Auron. I wish I had some news for this one to make the discussion better.

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