Seven Deadly Sins (Anime)

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4 felt almost beat for beat from the manga. Really close adaption an it should be more popular. But no simulcast rights seems to have hurt this series an I have to wonder why.

Oh some good news says that amazon is saying that this is 24 episode series. Also .... It came in 8th! with a 4.9 share. Thats large for a new series.

@takashichea: On deeper thought their have been other shonen that start off with the main character OP. But um this one its um he is more powerful than you think. By miles. Bleach started fairly strong then went over the top. One Piece built up as it went. Seven deadly sins is not typical in that power ramp but its unique in other ways as well. Its did give me that epic story feel right off on the manga an the anime falls right in line. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero for instance would be a good comparison tho arguably not a shonen.

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@Marshal Victory:

Oh, I definitely see the hand. Oh cool, it's 24 episodes. It's a bit short than most Shonen series, but I guess the manga is relatively short with 10 volumes and 95 chapters.

Regarding the Shonen, I thought Ichigo started pretty weak since he had a lot to go. By the end of Soul Society arc, he had reached the level of captain class.

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@takashichea: Kinda ya but he was as powerful as the one he replaced an he was a natural ( father was one etc) so he was stronger than he looked. Where as in Seven deadly sins (SDS for short) were way way past the origin tale. Which we get in workable flash backs. Our main character is already leveled up so to speak. Hes way past bleaches captain class me things an in city of dead arc you will see what I mean. With out spoiling um hes way more than he seems. An thats another aspect.

Like Tom says shonen has that would it not be nice to tag along with the main characters feel in their stories. In this not so much. An maybe that shonan trait is whats kept the series from being simulcast. Tho unlikely some may see him an his pervy ways an not want kids to copy him? In this messed up screwed up world thats possible tho I would want to believe improbable.

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Toriko also share that aspect. They were strong from the start. Overpowered Shonen characters have a risk of making things too easy like our Gary Stu in Strike the Blood and Irregular Magic or outshadowing weaker, less interesting main characters.
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@takashichea: Oh I agree with ya. But one of the more interesting characters in this series is a pig named Hawk! He pulls straight man duty for jokes well enuff his power level matters not. After watching 5 I think you would be hard pressed to find a series as loyal adaption as this one so far. Burns me up that they could not simulcast this in the states. This should be the next big shonen. One to climb to the shonen trinity.

Its over the top silly enuff. With jokes for the kids an the adults. Tho more bawdy per say than Fairy Tail its got its own charm. Hmm wonder if amazon has any the merch for this series... not so much.. yet . Hmm wonder if Right Stuff has um stuff.... Bah just like Amazon just the graphic novels. Hmm may treat my self to a kindle to buy the manga cheaper.

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@Marshal Victory:

Oh, we have a new episode today? I forget to check the airdates sometimes. I add that to Sunday or Monday. Yeah, I better save it for Monday.

Love Hawk. He like the dirty version of Happy if you read the Seven Deadly Sins x Fairy Tail crossover manga.

It's a shame that they never got this simulcast. It would do the anime justice and get more viewers on top of that.

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Hawk is actually my favorite character in the anime right now.
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Episode 5 was fun. We got to see Elizabeth's character grow a bit and Meliodas' wrath for a change. Poor Jericho got stripped by Ban.

I always got a Fairy Tail vibe from this show for some odd reason. This show's more ecchi than Fairy Tail since Fairy Tail doesn't do panty shots.

Saw your wiki submissions. We got a discussion thread on the anime. If you like to discuss, please do. It's more fun with more folks.

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@takashichea: thanks!

gotta say, i'm absolutely in love with the anime so far. its completely loyal to the manga, and the quality of the animation is amazing. the Sins look even more badass when animated lol

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Episode 6 was the 1st episode to vary a bit from the manga if I recall right. Seems the doctors daughter had a dagger that Greed kept. Also they left out how the guards was going to rape her before Greed saved her. The rest was fairly close If I recall right. They say memory is the 2nd thing to go.

Still very loyal adaption overall. More the shame that it was not simulcast in the states.

@akronawol17: Aye other than 6 its been fairly spot on,story beat for beat from manga to anime.

@katmic: Would be hard to argue Hawk is not the best straight man err pig in anime atm.

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Episode 6 was fun. Didn't expect an arm wrestling scene between Ban and Meliodas or their playful beating. Got to see Elizabeth get some character growth. I hope she gets a weapon or some power to fight. Moving hearts is great, but it won't protect you.

@Marshal Victory:

The manga had rape in it. I'm glad the anime removed it. This anime is pretty light hearted well, we had some bloody scenes.

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@takashichea: Was no actual rape . Guards were acting like they might tho. Greed shows up teaches them lesson. Doctors daughter thinks hes a bad guy threathnes him with a dagger if i recall right . He steals the dagger an helps her escape. Tho thats from a sinus infection brain atm so it may not be right order or right at all.

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That a strange omission. Might have a plot hole if Ban doesn't have t.he dagger.
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7 has another manga to anime change. Tho my memory is not good atm ( damnable sinus infection from heck! ) but the kids were ghosts . Which was revealed if I recall right before they went into the city of the dead.

An yet they leave the other stuff in. Not sure if it was cut for time or flow. Still a close adaption an one of my favorites this season. Will buy the discs for sure when they come out. Depending how far they go this could also be another show for my list Adult like taste list to help start others on anime. As it has enuff for kids to laugh at an the adult jokes are great dead pan.

Edit ; Noticed something on other sites comments. The episode felt so short . It just flew by.

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