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@Jinbeifan1: The real concern for me isn't Luffy as he's still in the same caliber as Zoro. It's Sanji man. Not only has he been absent for some time but he pales right now. His Wadatsumi feat was cool but it was as much Jibei as as it was him. It's like Franky replaced him this arc.
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@taichokage: Yeah you're right about that... Sanji needs more face time man! I think he's gonna get it next arc though in Zou. Which other than being a meeting place between Law and his crew and where Kinemon wanted to go is still quite a mystery. But I'm guessing it's going to just be an in between island like Punk Hazard was.

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Damn Man fuck Doffy
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@luthluth: I have my doubts if what he said is true but still, with nothing left in the way, I'm looking forward to the next chapter quite a bit.

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@luthluth: @taichokage: I F'ING KNEW ODA WOULD DO THIS, START THE FIGHT THEN TOTALLY LEAVE US ON A BREAK DX he's the biggest troll sometimes, I swear...

Anyway, good chapter. Nice to see a bit of how Zoro was trained by Mihawk, even if it's only a tidbit :P I'm so excited for the next chapter. Seeing as I know Oda, I doubt he's going to kill Law yet. Even if Law is on the edge of death, I think Mansherry can bring him back so that he's perfectly fine. I just want to see exactly HOW Luffy plans to beat him. Seriously, we NEED to see gear 4th.

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