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New Highlight incoming Yako x Bishamonten

It's amazing how honest alcohol can make a person. XD

So Hiyori invites the entire cast (Excluding Nora) to a cherry blossom viewing part to celebrate the blooming of the cherry tree she has been watching grow since she was a kid.

So when Bishamon arrives, the tension in the air is so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

As Bisha walks up to the tree while giving Yato the death glare, Yukine pleads with her not to start fighting with Yato and to enjoy the beauty of the blooming blossoms, to which she agrees wholeheartedly with a gentle smile.

So as the party goes on, Bisha and Yato start downing alcohol like it's going out of style while every else decides to mingle and have some fun.

After finally getting seriously shitfaced drunk the two grab each-other by the shirt and began shouting at each other looking ready to fight until Bisha starts to breakdown and reveal some interesting information that hints that maybe Yato is in fact innocent.

So Yato while looking like he might be slightly out of it (Or this could have been just a rouse) places his hand over her mouth and kisses the back, giving the illusion that they where in fact kissing, causing Bisha eyes to widen and her blushing face to become way redder than it already was.

And the best part is, everyone was watching and each of them had very hilarious reactions.

And what happened next damn near killed me.

All and all a very good OVA.

Even the gods get hangovers XD

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Is that from the OVA? I still need to watch it. Been too busy. I still miss this series.

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@takashichea: Yuo it's from the second OVA

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I didn't know it had 2 OVAs. I should add it to the wiki database soon. I can't remember if I uploaded all the episode caps for Noragami. I didn't have time to do episode summaries nor write character articles. I just uploaded images and add characters.

My favorite characters would be Yato and the pink haired goddess. I'm happy to see them in the OVAs.

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@takashichea: Yup I favorite is Yato, Bishamon the most, Hiyori and Kofuku (pink haired goddess) after them.

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