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Welcome to the Kotoura-san discussion thread. Whether you're watching the anime or reading the manga, you're already knee-deep in the series or you're checking it out for the first time, you're more than welcome here.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Midorigaoka High School's new transfer student, Kotoura Haruka, appears to be a normal girl at first glance, but she has the power to read minds.

Her power has caused her painful memories since she was young, so she's closed her heart off and distanced herself from others, but after meeting Yoshihisa Manabe, the boy sitting next to her in class, she begins to open her heart, despite his sexual fantasies.

As her heart opens up, Yuriko Mifune sets her sight on Kotoura's power, and gets her to join the ESP Club she runs… This is an academy-based, fantastic romantic comedy between a girl who can read minds, and a young boy who finds himself drawn to her.

— Anime News Network

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@takashichea: Nice work, I have only worked on the Kotoura's page, and adding the concepts to the episodes. May add some screens later.
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Oh no, I just added the basics: overview, licensing, and music table. The jewel of an anime series wiki page is its character section. That's the most attractive section. I can't do that one since I haven't tried the series.

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@takashichea: It OK I'll make it my project today, and add the rest of the cast.
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Seems pretty good so far! I doubt it'll be exceptional but I'm quite enjoying it.
They changed a couple things from the manga in episode three though, made it a bit more lighthearted.
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Seriously what the fuck lmao

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