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Ichijou's magic is awesome. I notice Tatsuya's suit's buttons are located near his crotch area. I don't know why they designed it that way.

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@takashichea: Ahem well one of the "off" sites I goto an watch this does have a few an they do not seem to care. But if these Chinese "fans" are not liking this because of who is attacking that country ..... in a anime... ehh its set in a world of magic an global cooling. I would hate to tell them to rub some dirt on it an get over it, but I would say those "fans" are not as much fans as something else.

Then again they might be sensitive about China "attacking" other countries for resources, even imaginary magical ones.Think its a subtle political poke sort of thing. Which is possible the light novels did come out in 2011. I mean its not like they have laid claim to others land... Or even vs Japan err wait maybe it is! An those disputes do go back before the novel.

But that take on the anime/book is bit sensitive at best me thinks. I mean its not like their governing royalty there are sensitive or any thing...

Um serious question tho.. Why would they care if Chinese fans are upset. Odds are it will be pirated there any way. I mean its not like China would ignore copyrights an make a One Piece park .. err wait But um I digress...

Any way ya I noticed to only the boys get bloodied an beat'n. Kinda surprised he did the regeneration spell program on some one else, but that whole limiter thing might have something to do with that. We know the main character is over powered or should by this point. Me I have no problem with it. But I still say it looks like he has a different personality with the limiter off tho.

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@Marshal Victory: Well if you remember his sister asked for help so of course he is not going to turn her down plus they are people from his school and more than likely he would help them if he could. I didn't notice a personality difference myself he seemed the same as usual also I find the limiter thing kind of cool myself it just shows he is so powerful that they need to limit it to an extent kind of like Oh My Goddess take belldandy and hild for example they are so strong that they have limiters on them and release them when they need to I liked that aspect of the series and in Tatsuya case even with the limiter on he is stronger than most magicians and could kill them with ease.

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@Falbium_Asmodeus: He seems more um how to say it... centered an jovial. Kinda happy . He cracks a few jokes like how the president is a barrel of laughs that sort of thing that feels a bit out of place. Tho he did have a dry sense of humor before. Could be my imagination an or lack of sleep!

Not sure on why people do not like the idea of this main character being over powered. Its not like thats a odd thing in anime.From what Fairy Tail to as far back as Dragon Ball few seemed to have any problems with main characters being OP. But maybe its because this is based on light novels an not manga? Seem to recall similar dislike of the OP main character in Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero an it was also based of light novels.

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@Marshal Victory:

It was a bad question. Don't worry about it. I recall the Attack on Titan's Pixis controversy a while ago.

Dot Pixis was modeled after Yoshifuru Akiyama, a general in the Imperial Japanese Army.

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@Marshal Victory: Yeah they are basing it off the light novel though they did skip a volume it was pretty much a fan service volume having to deal with going to the beach also I really liked Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero I wish they would make another season the MC was so OP it was awesome.

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@takashichea: No it was a legit question. Just not sure why any would any serious weight to thought about the China fan base thinks about anime. Animes 1st customers are in their own country, cater to them 1st would be the smart thing. But I just do not see the China-phobia thing these "fans" ahem see. As I said the real China fans few that I know of do not seem to have a problem with it.

Also never heard the Pixis controversy at all. My brother said of those drawings he looks more like with handlebar or english mustache. Some time the deeper meaning of things is just not to grasp at straws. Less the artist / writer says thats who he based it off of thats kinda interesting but not worthy of a controversy. See gamergate for a controversy !

@Falbium_Asmodeus: Wait ! Hold up! You mean to tell me a anime has skipped the chance for a beach episode?!! On purpose no less? This may well be one of the many signs of the apocalypse... OR they are saving it for a OVA!

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@Marshal Victory: They might be saving it for an OVA they skipped Volume 5 - Summer Holiday Chapter which was the volume after the nine schools competition and before the yokohama disturbance

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