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Welcome to the Gundam Build Fighters discussion thread.
Come here to chat about the latest episodes, the characters, plot, or the series in general.
Genre: Mecha, Comedy
Plot: The story is set in the near future when GunPla Battles, competitions that pit Gundam plastic models against each other, have become popular worldwide in the "Second GunPla Boom." Sei Iori , a first-year middle-school student and the only son of a model shop owner, is talented at building GunPla, but inexperienced in the GunPla Battles. He encounters a mysterious boy named Reiji who happens to be an accomplished Gundam Fighter. Together, they strive for the GunPla Battle world championships. Sei's customized GunPla is the Build Strike Gundam.

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This is not a bad series .Does have a few needless plot parts but its not bad.If i was a kid id want to build the mechs.. an as a adult i want to build the mechs :/ .Then again i loved building warhammer fantasy an warhammer 40k models for wargaming.

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@Marshal Victory:

I haven't watch Gundam for a long time (only seen Gundam Wing, G, and SD) I haven't watch this one yet. Though, I need to contribute to the discussion whenever I see you commenting. A similar series to this (a guess) was Gundam SD. I enjoyed it when everyone else hated it.

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@takashichea: This is like gundam.. the pokeymon fighters.They buld models an fight with them in a virtual particel system. an they get damaged an rebuilt or new types get built in the old ones place.So its a story with tons of gundam referances,but in that world gundam like here was just a anime.Its a bit more than a clever 30 minute comercial for the models.An from some of the comercials its not totaly aimed at kids.An the animation is really good for what it is actualy.

The part that shoudl never have made it into the show is a that the kids partner is from another world bit.That whole story line just lays there like a red hering outa water.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try - Fall 2014 Trailer

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