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Topic started by Acura_Max on May 31, 2014. Last post by UsachanMaN 1 month, 3 weeks ago.
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@takashichea said:


Oh no, that was the Anniversary for Anime Vice.

I know, I know. I've read your post on the AV's anniversary, but since I was posting here, I thought I'd use the chance to mention it.

Besides, you put so much work into the AV community, you're like the main component of Anime Vice! :))

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Thank you that's means so much. I'm glad to see folks being here. It drives me to be here. I love this site and care for the people. Otherwise, the work will be for nothing.

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You make Anime Vice feel very comfy :) I didn't plan on being active here, but I enjoy visiting :)

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@takashichea said:


I read some of the manga. Boy, they are so short! I forgot they were 4 Koma. I guess that's why they stopped the anime adaptation. You will run out of source material in no time. Plus, the anime mixes up chapters so you have more cohesive story since the manga was all over the place. I couldn't remember where I left off because manga jumps around.

Agreed! The chapters are quick reads. That's true, I had noticed that the flow of chapters were not consistent as opposed to the anime. Yet, the manga is still enjoyable :) Me too, I dont remember where I left off XD

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