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Topic started by Acura_Max on June 1, 2014. Last post by Wraith 16 hours, 54 minutes ago.
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Love this episode. Nice to see the series getting a break from the plot. For Shirou, it' the price of having a harem with twins whoare like sisters. Didn't think Sella was insecure about Shirou.

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Shit has hit the fan and Bazett the enforcer has come to administer some discipline.

Kirei probably sent her XD

Also that Butler was badass, why is it that every butler in anime have to be badass.

Seriously sending Bazett was overkill and if she has the avenger card I am going to be so done XD.

Irisveil is a real piece of work.

God that animation was so good.

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I love the butler fight and the touching scene between tsundere Kuro Illya and Iris.

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Totally keeping my current background (as of this post) after watching Episode 7. Really wouldn't take being treated that way from a family like that. Some fun aside on at least one scene, there's a lot of names for the Death Note with Iriyasvel's being the grisliest dismemberment and the one I would banish to Hell forever.

The second half of Episode 8 however was a redemption. The Butler put up a good show and Bazett was real cool.

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There better not be an Avenger card and head sending Bazett in overkill. Fight with the butler was awesome too
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