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Welcome to Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! discussion thread.
Come here to chat about the latest episodes, the characters, plot, or the series in general.
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! (Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ 2wei!)

Type: Based on a manga
Genres & Themes: action, comedy, drama, fantasy, magical girl

Release Date: July 9, 2014

Plot: The second season of the Fate/kaleid series

First season plot - Illyasviel von Einzbern is a normal schoolgirl in Japan. She lives with her overachieving nice guy older brother Shirou Emiya and her two maids, her parents are perpetually out of the country, and she has fanciful dreams of using magic to make her dreams of love with Shirou come true. Enter fierce rivals Rin Tohsaka and Luviagelita Edelfelt, two Magi who have been sent to Japan by Zelretch the Wizard Marshall, Master of Parallel Worlds, with the powerful sentient Kaleidosticks to collect the mysterious Class Cards and clean up their mess. After getting fed up with their constant infighting, one Kaleidostick, Magical Ruby, senses Illya's fleeting dream of magic and leaves Rin for her, tricking her into becoming a magical girl. Now Illya is being forced by Rin to collect the dangerous Class Cards in her place. But perhaps more dangerous still are Illya's own mysteries that may have unknowingly attracted Ruby to her.


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Added Release Date: July 9, 2014

Updates with News:

    Illya: It's already been one month since then... I had become a magical girl, and agreed to help out with collecting cards... And then I met another magical girl named Miyu. Was it chance? Destiny? Or a miracle? It had seemed like I had gotten my normal everyday life back, but...
    Illya: Fate that guides a girl returns...

The website also updated with two new cast members:

Hitomi Nabatame as Bazett Fraga McRemitz
Ami Koshimizu as Caren Hortensia

The cast includes:

However, the staff for this second season will have a new chief director, director, art director, and sound director:

The first anime series premiered last season, and Crunchyroll streamed it as it aired in Japan. Sentai Filmworks licensed the series for North America and plans to release it on home video in 2014.

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Yay Two Illya are better than one.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Which one do you prefer? The dark one or the light one. For me, I couldn't decide. They are both cute.


I don't think school girls that age feed each other especially on friends level. That's not realistic. Friends don't feed each other unless they're sick. I miss Kaleid. It was a fun show to watch. Now, it's back in the summer.

Post by LHWKnight (2,807 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@takashichea: I can't decide neither lmao.

As for friends feeding each other, I've seen it happen many times in high school, in fact all the girls me and my friends where close to did all the time.

I guess it all depends on who you are comfortable with.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25

Kaleid just got weirder and crazier. Why didn't Illya stop Kuro Illya from kissing/violating Miyu?

Post by LHWKnight (2,807 posts) See mini bio Level 12


I was rendered speechless from that kiss and Miyu was rendered comatose after that kiss lmao.

This Kuro Illya personality wise is very much like Archer, tactical and ruthless.

And that animation though.

Also what the hell is with that female doctor?

every line that came out of her mouth had me at a loss for words.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Why did she start using tongue? was another question I forgot to put. Illya got jealous. The doctor cracks me up too. The show takes clothing damage to the extreme.

Post by LHWKnight (2,807 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@takashichea: To answer your question, I guess she thought, she might as well go all out.

Yes I have to agree that the doctor was funny and the whole clothes getting destroyed is really not my thing with this anime.

If it was Sella, Leysritt or Bazett that were getting their clothes torn, then I'd be interested.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25


She wanted to experiment a bit. I admit Stella is cute.

Post by LHWKnight (2,807 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@takashichea: This is not experimenting, she knew exactly what to do to make Miyu pass out, and the worse part is that it would have been a hot scene, if they were older. I could not enjoy it in the way we men are supposed to because my body does not react to loli's in elementary. the loli's I like are the adult and legal ones like Natsuki-chan from Strike the blood and to a lesser extent elder loli baba-sama with the big boobs from that dating sim flag anime and that last one is because she was once a tall older woman.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Oh yes, what was I thinking about? She clearly wants to NTR Illya. Watching that vid make me feel weird again.

Post by Bigheart711 (4,206 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@LHWKnight: Yeah, that was real weird. And the thing was, the kiss actually damaged Miyu as well.

Also, I thought Sella was already dead. *Looks for his Death Note*

Post by LHWKnight (2,807 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Bigheart711: Miyu was already somewhat damaged after Illyasviel constant good morning kisses and those times she molested the girl because of the whole maid outfit incident.

Hey chill man, Sella is a lot different in this universe. remember this is just one of the many in the Fate multiverse.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25

The reason for the kissing was revealed in episode 3. Kuro Illya was draining people's mana. I find it funny because in Fate/Stay Night, to get mana you take souls or life energy or have sex which Shirou ended up doing in all three routes of the visual novel game.

They made a reference to the franchise and made it G-rated.

Post by LHWKnight (2,807 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@takashichea: Shiro is stil the uncrowned harem king even in the spinoffs. Kuro-Illya wants him, Lus wants him, Rin wants him, and now Miyu wants him.

Kuro-Illya is a little kissing bandit, I can't believe she got Taiga of all people XD.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I don't know why Luviagelita Edelfelt wants him. It was so random. I was wondering how old Shirou and Rin/Luvia is. Illya and Miyu must be in elementary school or middle school.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25

Well, I finally learn how old Illya and her classmates are, 10 years old. I already felt shameful, but I thought they were in middle school. It's pretty crazy to see the lolis in such tricky situations. I wonder how old Shirou, Rin, and Luvia is.

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@takashichea: Wait didn't they cover that fact already? I could have sworn they made to mention that the girls where in elementary.

As long as you weren't thinking about the Illya, Miyu and Kuro in a weird way, then you are fine.

Shiro, Rin and Luvia are in high school though, Shiro and Rin are still the same age as they are in the original series.

Although they should have had Illya retain her original age as well since her and shiro are supposed to be around the same age, although I don't know who was the older of the two.

Taiga was all red face when she introduced Kuro to the class and I was all like, Yeah no.

Illya is really not taking the situation too well and Miyu seems torn as well.

The next episode might be a little much for you since it's a bath house seen, but I am going to be more focused on both Sella (D-cup), Leysritt. (A-cup)

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I know I have bad memory due to stress, but this show didn't mention they were in elementary school.

Illya (Illyasviel von Einzbern) is a typical young girl attending Homurabara Academy who just happens to have a slight crush on her brother-in-law. Then, one night, a magic wand called Magical Ruby falls from the sky into her bath and tricks her into signing a contract...

The summary doesn't specify what kind of school they had. Last season, I had the same questions about the age. I find the girls cute. That's it. I don't mind the bath, fan service. The only fan service that turns me off would be wet sporting and incest situations such as Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero and Recently, My Sister is Unusual.

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