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@takashichea: Thats the thing tho ones that are successful they are not striking the iron while it hot so to speak. In some cases its two years before a dvd / blue ray release. They would learn well from Holllywood ( omg can not belive im saying that ) about how to get product out asap after its relese in its primary entertainment form.

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Episode 16 was pretty good. No surprise who the pumpkin guy is tho. Also some of this story line reminds me of Days of Future past an the Bishop arc parts from X-men. Just kinda.

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Dragon Slayers have long names for their spells. I hope the incoming dragon fight is better than Sting's last fight against Fairy Tail. He could have gone down swinging, but he ended up forfeiting the whole match. I never seen that in Shonen tournaments. Still, it wasn't so exciting if you had an actual battle.

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I haven't done a stitched cap by myself for a while. Being a wiki editor addict, I thought I could do a stitched cap for Erza Scarlet's Nakagami Armor. I cut off her legs since it complicated things. There is an issue with my attempt. I had a tone shift in coloration starting at her elbow and underneath her breasts. The third layer which is at top 1/4 of her head doesn't look evenly stitched. You can see that dip in the outline of her head near the crown.

I bet, Dekken and Daniel can whip a master stitched cap for this picture which takes place in episode 189 at 07:38.

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17 was not bad. It was predictable for me on where things were heading. The dragons do look eh interesting to not so great. 2 could have stepped out of a Larry Elmore painting but the rest kinda reminded me of plush kids toy. An the one that did not make it threw really looked like it was from a Larry Elmore painting.

If I was gonna predict the fight .. Natsu kills the flame one 1st an steals his flame would be my guess. Not read the manga an have no idea really just a guess. Just seems like the logical flow of the fight should go that way. Or at least is healed . charged up by the flamed one.

Full disclosure only manga I have read is Girls of the Wild's ,One-Punch Man, Appleseed most of them an The Seven Deadly Sins which I am still working on.

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