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I guess I liked some parts of the last episode (mainly the more intimate and emotional moments), but, like previous episodes, it all felt too rushed. If I wanted to be generous, I guess I could say the show was mediocre, but that would be just the VN fan in me talking.

(Oh yeah, they should've had Mink kill Toue.)

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As the quote says: here comes the pain! Lol...

It looks like they'll cram all of the boys' bad endings in the 30 minute OVA. Although they'll probably leave out Virus and Trip's ending, which gets a bit too much.

Still, a shame that they decided to skip the good endings and just focused on the gory stuff.

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I saw this on ANN right now, but you beat me to it. The default image is just wow.

In the beginning of the video, the other Aoba says: "What's right, what's wrong. What decides that is the human heart. But what exactly is this thing called the heart? It may be that for some it is light but for others it is darkness. Knowing nothing of darkness, one hopes for nothing but light. But that's impossible."

In the story, Aoba wakes up in a mysterious place. Someone who looks just like Aoba is sitting there, and he says, "This is all the result of what you caused." As if in response to his words, shifting visions of friends appear before Aoba's eyes, one after another. Is this really a dream, an illusion, or something else…?

This is my first time, but it will be somewhat thrilling.

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