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Just finished watching the last episode. I don't think I'd watch a new series if released.

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I'm confused at the last episode. I do love how Naegi did the Ace Attorney objection stance.

I'll get an anime screenshot when RC uploads it.

I don't know what the point that Danganropa is driving home. It's a game where the students are forced to kill each other to graduate. Somehow along the way, they come up with big hope speech. If they were trying to dig up a deeper meaning, they didn't do it so well.

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First off, did I miss thiscameo? Also, Naegi's sister is in the outside world while Naegi's in the school? That's a pretty cool idea.

Okay, so the whole "mere humans" thing was just figurative boasting. So can we just go full spoilers, with no hidden text? I'll block the spoilers anyway.

So I think they gave a good excuse for why the police aren't banging down the doors to save these students: the whole world's in a state of despair, so there was never any hope of rescue.

I think it would be weird to continue with a new show that continues after the end of this. I'd be interested to see where it would go, though. I don't think I like that Monokuma's just operating on its own. I like someone being behind it, but he's still a good villain. I know that a sequel will bring in a new set of students, but I'd like to see Aoi open her donut shop, or Byakuya trying to retake the world in his family's name, or maybe Kyoko becoming some sort of law enforcement officer. As long as it doesn't involve people repeating themselves or having a long tongue to show they're crazy.

So for a show I was almost going to avoid entirely, I find it not guilty- of being a bad show!

The DanganRonpa wiki looks quite spiffy, BTW!

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Forgot to post the pink rabbit. I probably going to watch the sequel if they are going to run with it.

Oh, the video game is coming to the US.

The video game and anime publisher NIS America announced at Anime Expo on Saturday that it will release the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Demon Gaze video games in North America and Europe in early 2014.

Spike Chunsoft's Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc PlayStation Vita game is a revised and revamped edition of the original title for the PSP that was released in Japan in 2010. In the game the player plays as Makoto Naegi, an average teenager who gets accepted into the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy high school. When he arrives at the school, he and the students find out they are trapped in a battle of survival.

The game inspired a television anime series that premiered on July 4. Funimation is streaming the series as it airs.

Via Anime News Network

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@YotaruVegeta said:

The DanganRonpa wiki looks quite spiffy, BTW!

Oh thanks! I'll be sure to format and add the rest. Thanks for contributing. It's a big cast. I usually don't add a full supporting cast, but my mind went, "What the heck, let's do it anyways." It's a bit subjective when I pull out Kyoko, Naegi, and Monobear for main cast. I didn't want to spoil folks by revealing Junko was the true antagonist.

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Well, if the show comes back for another season, I'll be sure to check in here.

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