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Greetings, Anime Vice Community. Tom, Sam and Matt Murphy fusion danced their way together into a discussion about the latest events in the falls biggest hit KILL LA KILL, and Tom and Sam answers the viewer questions in another special Vice Pit. Be sure to check them out on the news page or on You Tube.

Yes, I know about the absurdity of talking about Christmas the day after Halloween. That was sort of the gag. Although, that doesn't mean it's too soon to start putting together that Amazon Wishlist. Not with all the great news series coming out in the coming months. There are more anime, manga, and movies being released just this month. Just to name one. ONE PIECE FILM: STRONG WORLD'sofficial English release is only a few months off.

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Anime AMV Showcase

I'm a big fan of the anime MARIA HOLIC. There just aren't enough good AMVs out there for this series. I just had to share this one when I saw it.

Remember, if you would like to submit something for the Spotlight. You can send me a PM, but please be sure to add "Spotlight" to the subject line.I can't stress how important that is because it might just be lost in my Inbox when I clear it. Even if you have worked on something yourself and are really proud of your work. Get to work, and make more content for the next Spotlight!! Jana!!

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Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt

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I need to try Panty and Stocking. That banner remind me that those folks on TV try to promote Christmas way too early.

Congrats everyone! Kudos to for another awesome job on Kimi Kokorone. I need to try History's Strongest Disciple as well. Great job to my teammate on Valvrave. He's insane for working in both communities. I'm insane just like him.

Finally, thanks to for uploading the screenshots for a lot of anime series especially Kill la Kill.

Maria Holic's AMV has a catchy pop to it. Did I add that blonde girl to my beauty mark page?

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Oh, if you want a list of manga and anime releases, I only did Quick Picks: October 2013 (Anime) and Quick Picks: October 2013 (Manga). I'll see if I can do a list of November and December, FoxxFireArt. My teammate, BigHeart711, is busy with school. I'm in the same boat, but I'll try to do this, too.

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I also did the episode summary for the 1st Gargantia OVA.

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I'm sorry that I forgot to include this week. I rushed the report last night due to Halloween. It will be included in the report next week. Thank you.

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The Christmas banner is part of the joke.

Also, that "blond girl" is a boy. That's Mariya Shidou. The beauty marks are the only ways to tell him from his sister.
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Oh my god, it's one of those days. I got fooled by a trap. Well, that made my day.

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@takashichea: I don't know the show so I did to....and the fact it is a trap makes the song even more interesting...who did the song by the way even taken away from the show the song has a good pop and an interesting message. Will have to look at the show to see if it is something I can stand.

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It's Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds. I'll try this anime, too.

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