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Welcome to the Broken Blade discussion thread.
Come here to chat about the latest episodes, the characters, plot, or the series in general.
Broken Blade (ブレイク ブレイド Bureiku Bureido)

Producer: Production IG and Xebec
Type: Manga based Anime Series
Genres & Themes: Action, Mech


The inhabitants of the continent of Cruzon have the ability to manipulate quartz, which they use to power their machines and vehicles. They call this "magic", and only Rygart Arrow lacks this ability. As a teenager, he went to school with Hodr, who became the king of his country, and Zess, who was the brother of the military commander of Athens. When his country, Krishna, goes into war against the neighbouring kingdom of Athens, he might be the only one able to stop the war between two friends, because he is the only person able to pilot an ancient golem that cannot be used by magic users.

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Just to let folks know in case there's confusion, there was a film series of Broken Blade released a few years ago which is licensed here in America via Sentai Filmworks (that I own on DVD). This TV airing is sort of a remake where the 6 films in the series will be made to fit into 12 TV-length episodes which will include new scenes not found in the original film series.

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I'm not sure if this anime series will air in the spring season. Could not find in ANN's Upcoming anime series page. I only saw it in Moetron's guide.

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@takashichea: Its out now. tho 1 an 2 was posted on some umm not so lawful sites about the same time. Plus it also goes by Break Blade as well. The 6 ovas were awsome. This is one of my favorite sword mech series in anime.

@Dream: Yeah its just as ya said. But heres the rumor i can not confirm atm. Seems the writer of the manga quit. Hes not part of the remake or the manga any more. Which is odd because it was in the top 5 in manga as late as june 16th 2013.

Not sure if the remake is worth watching as a 12 episode remake of the ova with mostly one big fight scene added. This is one of my all time favorite sword mech series . Great world build an awesome fights . Shame this is not a continuation of the ovas.Which in same ways i thought looked better than the touched up version here.

This went from omg woot! status to on the bubble if I watch this or just by the dvds .

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@Marshal Victory:

Our tastes are pretty similar. Chances are I probably like the series. Weird, I never thought about this series when I was working all night on the simulcast guide. I actually missed school after sleeping so late, 4AM. I finally finished it. I feel so embarrassed. Good thing, there was no exams on that day. I'll see if this gets a legal simulcast since the first season was available on Crunchyroll, and Crunchyroll hasn't made their last announcement.

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@takashichea: It would greatly surprise me if you did not like the series. Its a shot for shot recreation or remastered I think fits better, version of the original 6 ovas which were almost 45 to 53 minutes each i think. So it will have some room for extra scenes. The world set up is fairly creative. Plus it shows the big an little war. How mechs ( golums) can be hurt by regular infantry as the armor is crystal as well.

When I say sword mechs I mean mechs main weapons is use of melee weapons. Like The Vision of Escaflowne . I would put these two at the top of that sub type of anime.

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I really loved this anime so much, so I was little disappointed that the TV series was just going to be a remake of the six movies. But if there is new scenes that weren't shown in the original series, then I'm going to try and follow the new series as it comes out

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