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Yhwach may be the ruler of a kingdom hidden in the shadows, but Ichibe draws power from all things consumed by darkness.

The Good

If experience is the name we give our failures, then Ichibe must have had a LOT of failures in his past.
If experience is the name we give our failures, then Ichibe must have had a LOT of failures in his past.

Well, I sort of regret the subtitle I used in my last review about the pen being mightier than the sword. That would have been far better served on this article. Seeing how the focus is more on Ichibe's zanpakuto, and how it seems to shift from sword to brush at the blink of an eye. For whatever reason, I just don't seem to really tire of watching Ichibe humble the proud Quincy emperor. Maybe because of how different a method this is for Kubo.

There does seem to be an inherent flaw with Ichibe's ability. I think it was an interview that I read with one of the Hildebrandt brothers a few years back. In this interview, he was answering some questions about painting. He made mention that he and his brother never use solid black in their paintings. That's because actual pure-black doesn't truly exist in reality. There are just deep shades of various other colors.

I wonder if this sort of loophole will be the Zero Squad leader's undoing. However, I'm probably putting too fine a point on this aspect. It is a black and white manga series after all.

The Bad

The fight between these two has been going on for a strangely long time. I'm not entirely complaining about that, because this very likely is the most interesting thing that is currently happening.

Verdict 4/5

With the ground war in the Soul Society all but finished with the Vandenreich power and life stripped away, isn't this portion of the action one of the more entertaining options? What would you rather be reading, Ichigo and the gang waxing on about how much they want to save Uryu?

When Ichigo had faced Aizen, you knew where they stood, because Aizen had been appearing for years. Yhwach more dropped in at the last second. While everyone and their dog knows that Yhwach will eventually come out on top, we now have a better understanding of this main antagonist through watching him actually fight such a strong opponent as Ichibe. If Yhwach can overcome someone this powerful, what chance does Ichigo have?

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Hmm what basis did they have for true black not existing in nature? Sounds a little like the guy that did Hanibai Renmei talking about how many colors the eye can see and getting the science terribly terribly wrong. When artists try to talk about science it usually doesn't go well ... but the night sky I would certainly call pure black.

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It's annoying when battles like this are one sided. We already suspect that Ywatch will not be defeated here and it annoys me to see the "heroes" playing around. Enough with the one-on-one battles with blatant exposition. Ichibe's powers are interesting, but the battle has been occurring for too long.

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^Totally disagree. This is the best fight in Bleach in the entire year.
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I tend to be wary of such one-sided battles if taken too far. That suggests that the way Ywach (as we all know he will) will overcome Ichibe would be far harder to accept and border more on the ridiculous.

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This chapter was pretty, that all I have to say about it.

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I keep wondering why they drag the story as much as they do. We all know the bald monk's going to lose. We know that for a fact, so who the hell cares what their powers really are? Why make it look like he's going to win when he can't possibly win (because if this guy stops the big bad villain the show's over)? It's pointless and boring. Please, make Ichigo get there and fight Yhwach already.

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Bleach is the least dragged out in the HST. That doesn't excuse it but just think how long the Doflamingo, Zoro, Obito, etc fights have been/were this year. Plus Bleach has fewer sub plots. It really doesn't drag in comparison to it's main competition at least.

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Man I really want to see more of zombies!

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Maybe it's always been this way but recently Bleach fights have been reminding me of the whole back "AH HA! YOU ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD!" cliche, except there's a trap card for the trap card and it continuously goes back and forth between the players before one of the trap cards finally ends it. Like all the pompous taunting and elaborate preparing for a clever attack gets completely disregarded because the enemy was prepared or able to counter said attack the whole time. It takes a bit of the excitement out of the whole thing. It feels a bit like forced drama.

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