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Welcome to Bakumatsu Rock discussion thread.
Come here to chat about the latest episodes, the characters, plot, or the series in general.
Bakumatsu Rock (幕末Rock)

Producer: Studio DEEN
Type: Based on a game and manga
Genres & Themes: Music

Release Date: July 2

Plot: In the Bakumatsu era, at the end of the shoguns' rule over Japan in the middle of the 19th century: the Tokugawa shogunate uses the brainwashing Heaven's Songs by the top idols in Shinsengumi to subjugate the country and its people. In this Japan, writing or singing any songs besides the Heaven's Songs is a capital offence. Sakamoto Ryouma and the other rockers rise up and change the world with rock 'n' roll for freedom and justice.

— AnimeNewsNetwork

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Added Release Date: July 2

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