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It may not be the best final 30 seconds of the Vice Pit, but dangit if it isn't the rawest.

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So Tom was made of life fibers this whole time! That would explain how he was able to escape that possessed copy of Uzumaki!, Good thing Sam is a member of Nudist Beach, Now the question remains, were dose Mat Murphy stand On all this? Also I agree Sam, that track from Space Odyssey was great touch, Loved that trailer,
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I do see the red string theory from Foxx and folks and the liberty of expressing one's sexuality. I cannot see the communist thing after episode 1. It's just some shows and films have a debatable theory like Robocop and its Christianity allusions or any of Gen Urobuchi's work like Psycho-Pass's warning to society of letting machines dictate our lives and what is justice. For Kill la Kill, everyone enjoys it for being fun or giving some deep meanings. I still think Kill la Kill's over abundance of fan service is more exploitation for ratings instead of telling women shouldn't afraid of showing skin.

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Back to what Tom was saying about imgaining if the labeling system used in anime was applied to movies an tv here. Um ... they did that with Twilight right? It had a whole movement aimed at young teen girls an soccer moms. it just diid not have the label. But if it did the label here would be protested.

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My application to Nudist Beast (yes I am the one in this video) I will explain in law jokes if needed. Think I have mentioned I was a political conservative and a law student here before...

The idea that kill la kill is overhyped is ridiculous it is an awesome show with a lot to say that is by far the best of the season and is incredibly better than attack on titan which was simply an adventure show. You really shouldn't be feeding tom the troll....and yes the sexuality is a joke..if you were watching it for the sexuality it is making fun of you and has been from the beginning..

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Sam's back! Woohoo, it is always fun to see the banter between these two gentlemen. And what is this, the Vice Pit is now showing skin! What is this world coming to.

On the topic of Kill la Kill being overly sexy, I would have to agree with you guys when you say that it's all a big joke. While Ryuko and Satsuki might be running around in string battle suits, you still have "sexy sensei" and the entirety of Nudist Beach for the guy side of the equation. It's almost making fun of the shows that over-rely on fan service to get ratings. I also feel that the show is also parodying the standard role of the female antagonist, having Nonon be portrayed as this strong, polite girl, but her voice is not sexy at all and she gets pretty violent against Ryuko. No "Onii-chan" here.

Also, Sam, since you are a big Godzilla fan, would you be a fan of a potential crossover between Godzilla and Pacific Rim? The same company owns both franchises, and it seems like they are made for each other.

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Glad to see Sam back in this thang!

@zaldar said:

The idea that kill la kill is overhyped is ridiculous it is an awesome show with a lot to say that is by far the best of the season and is incredibly better than attack on titan which was simply an adventure show.

Different strokes, different folks. The only thing I could find to enjoy about Kill la Kill was the art, which wasn't enough to hold me. Attack on Titan is simply an adventure show but it's entertaining while for me, Kill La Kill isn't at all and it's not like it's some Schindler's List type of thing where you're not supposed to be having "fun" while watching it.

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