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Topic started by No_name_here on Feb. 18, 2014. Last post by zaldar 1 year ago.
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Although I knew that chant was used for Akira, I had no idea it was used for a spring Shinto festival, it's a fun Fact that even a an Akira fan like me didn't know, also I agree that when it comes to passionate myths and lore, There is a very universal language to it all, though I do love and often prefer The cultural Quirks of anime, I feel story telling at its best is something that Completely transcends any cultural barriers, which would explain the success of The hero's journey,
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Cool, I didn't know the chant was used to banish the sleepiness of winter and welcome the spring. Moe is a theme that Japan wants to incorporate one of its country's images during this age after the reconstruction of post World War II. Cuteness is infectious. Doraemon and Hello Kitty are everywhere. They're racially colorless, appealing to everyone.

I didn't mean to post those dirty images from Recently, My Sister is Unusual. It was pushed back to later in the night because of their graphic content even with the censorship. It's not incest since Mitsuki and Yuya are new step brothers and sister. In the first episode, Mitsuki just joined Yuya's family.

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Well, thanks for answering both of my questions :D. Just for clarification though, my username should be pronounced like Vapo-vile, like if something is vile to look at.

Interesting description of the intro chant, I had no idea that it was from Akira, or that it was used to welcome spring. I haven't seen Akira, though it is one of the series that I want to watch after I finish Fairy Tail.

And I somewhat agree with what you said about most characters being cut from the same generic cloth, where they all follow the hero's journey and are all larger than life people. I would argue though that what differentiates say, manga and comics from the Greek heros is the method of delivery for those stories. The Greek heros were primarily told through books, Lord of the Rings were both a book and a movie, while Goku and Naruto are in a Japanese 2D animation style. People in my opinion will remember the great characters of a particular medium more than other characters from the same medium. So perhaps Goku and Luffy will be remembered like the Greek heros, but maybe in the context of Japanese animation, much like Superman will always be remembered for being the star of American comic books. Great episode!

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Moe - which I think is pronounced is Moe-a (long a) I have always liked to describe as what you feel when you see a box of puppies or kittens. It is the ooo I want to protect and take care of response - this is why so many of the moe characters are rather incapable (falling over their own feet). SOME people give a sexual connotation to it but that is really inappropriate - a year or so ago they had good discussion on this on the fandompost forum.

You know my thoughts on calling all heroic fiction Shonen - so won't go into how I find that incredibly inappropriate again. I expect you are right that when we say stuff isn't as good now as it was earlier we are wrong - oh and I got introduced to Galaxy express 999 by a movie version of it on Sci-Fi (which I now no longer watch) as well. Oh and yes I would have love to have you talk about how terrible my sister has been unusual though - it would be soooo hilarious.

So what is your shirt from here - thundercats? Was that an American version of Voltron always wondered.

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