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@Destinyheroknight:it is different than Macross more political than romance oriented still very well done. I would compare it more to code geass with less mysticism and more romance. What it does well much like geass is one up itself every freaking episode. Like geass have to be able to turn off the I can't watch this it is too ridiculous and just go with it. Mistake I made when first watching geass was expecting an intellectual exploration of alternate history ... .... needless to say that was stupid and how I ever got the idea that was what it was I don't know. If I reviewed it at the time could have titled it "how I stopped worrying and Learned to love the ridiculous". Give it three episodes as first makes it look uber predictable (hint its not) but by three the wow this is different is on full swing.

@Marshal Victory: eh definition comes from marketing. If we were putting this in a section of a store where would we put it? And no not finished first season of psycho pass forgot about it actually still on the edge needing to see how they are going to resolve. Takeing the ethics bar for lawyers (try not to laugh) next Saturday so need to study for that eh ... probably three more hours or so ... hmm wonder if this is where the problem comes from ... but anyway that should leave some time to watch it I guess ... to much I want to watch and do sigh ... need to play some more civilization five and civilization beyond earth too ...

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@zaldar: We all the last episode it kinda could fall into reverse harem considering who she asks to marry her. But I do not think he did it for love so eh. Reverse harem would fall in the harem section.

@zaldar said:

@Marshal Victory: Takeing the ethics bar for lawyers (try not to laugh) next Saturday so need to study for that eh

Laughed right before I read " try not to laugh". Might want to put that warning before using words ethics an lawyers together next time! But ethics are a form of morals so a lack their of or view what is or is not moral would be norm right? I mean trying to argue what is um is an all . Oh wait that leads to disbarment in the end.

Now I know ya got ethics so I am sure ya will do fine. You specialty in law require a different ethics than say other fields in law?

Gonna wait on Beyond earth till some dlc roll out. Will patch tsw some time this week. Just got Elder Scrolls Online re downloaded. Gonna see how its changed for better since buy 2 play switch.

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@Marshal Victory: well I would say ethics are very different than morals and come from a different place but we are moving into very off topic philosophy and we are using different definitions for harem and reverse harem and discussing that to death isn't going to get us anywhere. No one marketing anime would market this as a reverse harem. I have not seen the last episode but not sure I want to watch it now. If she asks the new character that saw her trying to escape last episode to marry here they have moved past one upping to making characters do things outside of there character. She knows vers who he represents does not want to stop the war and inaho is who she has loved since the beginning. I hate it when shows make characters do out of character things because plot. Perfect jumping the shark example.

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@zaldar: who ask who is part of the story . Slade has been a example of character change over original design. All his changes since the 1st 4 episodes has been from other writers. On some boards hes the most hated character on the show. Not for his actions in character but for his out of character actions.

Oh reverse harem anime generally do not advertise as such. Now This has not devolved into a reverse harem but its right on that edge.

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s2 episode 12 ended well . Better than I expected an with a bit of surprise. Seems many do not like the ending on other sites.

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Ep.24: ending was ok and Inaho became Big Boss

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