Gearing up for Anime Expo this weekend - July 5 & 6th

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Hello everyone! I'm happy to announced that I have bought tickets to visit Anime Expo, my first anime convention. I went to Los Angeles to check out the Metro route. Got a bit lost along the way when I change trains. It's better I get lost now and learn my mistake before the day of the Expo.

I'm going on July 5 and 6 since July 4 is a day when I'm at the barbecue with my family, relatives, and Church folks. My only traveling partner is my little sister - who got me into anime and manga. She actually found Anime Vice before me back in the days when I was looking for Fairy Tail images on Google.


I asked one friend of mine in Anime Vice, UsaChanMan, about getting ready for anime cons. She share her experiences with me. She told me to visit the booths, look at the merchandise, pack a camera, and pick up a brochure/view their schedule. She told me to pick something.

I'm reviewing the policies and rules on Anime Expo just to refresh myself. They are doing bag checks.

  • Backpack
  • Photo ID and E-mail Confirmation pages
  • Bottled water and a light snack
  • Cash (Don't know how much. My budget is below $100. I don't want to spend too much)
  • Camera with plenty of AA batteries
  • Cellphone - I get lost easily. My little sis won't be happy with me. I try not to get lost.
  • Bringing manga - I remember sickVisionz was sharing his experiences in getting autographs. He brought stuff from home. It's awesome. UsaChanMan told me that autographs cost money. I almost forgot about this.

I really need to buy a new camera. The Nikon camera is about 8 years old while the Canon was a used camera I found in a junkyard a year ago. I haven't used the Canon camera a lot. My Nikon camera consumes batteries fast. I remember it takes about 30-45 flashes for the batteries to get drained. For the Nikon camera, it needs flash in order to produce a crisp shot. If I don't do flash, the shots always get blurry no matter how good the lighting is. It's a crappy camera.

My manga collection isn't that impressive. I volunteered at the public library. I get most of manga reading there. I only have one Bleach book, Masked. I thought this one had Ulquiorra's backstory. Instead, it was the Unmasked book. I bought the wrong book. I was happy with Masked.


I did check the main events where you buy tickets to attend them. Since I'm low on cash, I think I'll pass this time. These tickets are at modest price. Most of them are music concerts and maid cafes. I did ask my little sister. She was okay with sightseeing, meeting the guests of honor, and checking out booths.

For the program, I'm pretty open to anything. I did pick a few that my little sis and I are interested in. I'm pretty flexible if crowds are a bit too much.


It's everyone's dream to get an autograph from a cool VA.

I'm stoked to meet with folks like Christopher R. Sabat, Eric Vale, Johnny Yong Bosch, Kazuhiko Inoue, and rest of the gang. I wish I had my Black Power Ranger poster. Though, it was ripped when I tried to pull it off my bedroom during the move to a new house.

Oh, I might meet up with Tom Pinchuk. I don't know if he is going to be at Anime Expo on July 5 and 6. On the Vice pit video, he told me he was going on July 4th and visiting Comic Con. I was debating whether to choose Anime Expo or Comic Con at San Diego. I chose Anime Expo because it was closer to home. I don't have a car. I'm all public transportation, being a college student.

Source: Autograph Schedule

Thank you guys and gals for reading this! I'll post pictures after this week. If you have tips or suggestions for a newbie like me, feel free to tell me.


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You seem pretty set. If you're going to buy something I'd suggested walking around the whole place first and seeing what everyone offers and for how much. Nothing sucks more than buying something cool at the first vendor booth, then walking like 100 ft and seeing another vendor selling it for $20 less. That happened to me when I bought the School Days game. Someone had the regular for $50 so I bought that, then walked and saw someone selling the LE for like $40. It took about 20 minutes of haggling to get a partial refund despite no "No refunds" sign being up. In general, I'd suggest only buying "stuff" as opposed to anime and manga. You can probably get most of that online and cheap from legit sites while other physical goods may be harder to come buy online or only be at sketchy sites.

As for other stuff, maybe buy some hand sanitizer. I got a little sick at my first two cons and I figure germs plus lack of sleep caused it.

I'd also say to plan for some downtime. I wouldn't jam pack panels and stuff back-to-back. A lot of funny stuff happens in the hallways and open spaces during down time. Autographs are cool but last year I really focused on that and I kind of regret it because I spent soooooo much time waiting in line. I met some interesting people and had fun conversations but I missed a lot.

Oh, most cosplayers are cool with people asking for pictures of them. I'm somewhat shy and my first convention I was reluctant to ask people at first but everyone seemed super amped whenever I did. As long as you don't like rush and harass them, I think they're pretty cool with it. Especially the nicher and nicher you go.

Um, that's all I can really think of. Just have fun. You don't seem like a dick so you probably won't have any issues. With the articles you write, I think you might enjoy going to some of the industry panels for companies like Funi, Sentai, etc.

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Thanks so much for your suggestions. I can't believe I forgot hand sanitizer, being a microbiology major. Yeah, I definitely shop around and plan some downtime. I'm pretty shy, too. I didn't think about asking folks to take pictures of them when I rushed this blog. I'm going to include a notepad in my checklist.

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You should attend the Fakku panel.

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@takashichea: Have a blast out there!XD 
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I have a little sister who is accompanying me. She is 18, but, HELL NO, I'm not bringing her to those adult panels. Funny thing, I was looking for Gia's friend, Yoko, a sales representative of Project H at the booths. The ladies at the booth, who teased me for looking too young, told me Yoko will be at the Project H Booths on Saturday at 8:30PM. I have to change plans tomorrow and make my sis go home early. I told my little sis I had to do some "undercover" for a panel after 8PM. She figured out that I was going to those adult panels because of the schedule. Yeah, I'm not a good liar. People can read me easily.


Man, I was so shy. I only got 2 cosplay photos. There were more Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan cosplay than Pokemon, Naruto, and the rest. I saw some guy with spiky hair and wearing only briefs. He was stopped by the guards, who told him to go home and put some pants on. It turns out he was cosplaying as Gray Fullbuster when he had a Fairy Tail stamp on his chest. I wish I took a picture, but I remember the rules, ask first before you take a picture.

I tell you everything at a blog. I met Tom Pinchuk in person and some of folks from school and Church. It was a fun, weird, and brutal day at the same time.


Oh thanks, Sonata.

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