Cosplay Photos From Anime Expo 2012

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Forget your panels, your screenings and your too-crazy merch sales… the real reason you go to Anime Expo is to behold the seemingly-endless parade of cosplayers. Thanks to my quick thumbs and the wonderful resolution of my iPhone’s camera app, I’ve got plenty of snappies from the convention center to share with you lunatics below.

For whatever reason, Ed from COWBOY BEBOP was the #1 choice of cosplay at AX 2012. I saw at least a half-dozen. Some carried around little stuffed animal Ein's, others had living, breathing Korgis with them - - and, I swear, all of them had the little scamp’s uniquely wiggly goose step down pat. Not too shabby for a supporting character from a show that ran its course over a decade ago.

Cosplay choice #2 (or, perhaps, male choice #1) was Kotetsu from TIGER & BUNNY in his distinctly-graphic, green-and-white civies. There were a couple armored Wild Tigers in costume, too, along with plenty of Barnaby Brooks’s and assorted members of HERO TV in costume. Many of them were in attendance at the VIZ panel with the show’s English cast, as if simply further my insistent claim that TIGER & BUNNY’s primed for a serious crossover explosion in the US once its dub comes out.

My favorite costume had to be a little doggy who was made up to look like Amaterasu from Capcom’s OKAMI (and, more recently, MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3.) Considering how difficult it was to just get that pup to sit still for a photo, I can only imagine how much harder it was to get all the make-up and accessories on - - so major kudos to its owners!

Anyway, enough commentary. Go on and enjoy the pics!

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Lots of good pictures there Tom, thanks! NicoNico does live streams of cons every so often, so I watched that for a while. It's a shame you didn't get a picture of Akiba Red from episode 9 of Akibaranger I saw it on the stream, he was great.
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Man that's a lot of photos, nice.

Not a bad Jin from Tekken... except the tattoo is on the wrong arm, easy mistake I guess. Also it must be all kinds of hot inside that Kirby suit, especially at a con, they should fit those things with air conditioning or something.

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Awesome cosplaying :D

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Awww... I'm so sad I wasn't there! Great cosplay though.

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Great cosplay photos the Okami dog is win.
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Glad to see there was some Panty & Stocking cosplay, but I'm not so sure SUCKER PUNCH counts. That was a twistiest ass movie about a girl with a frontal lobotomy.

The guy as Kamina was pretty cool. Got to image those fake tattoos are hard to keep. At least, I hope those were fake.

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My favorite was this one where Steve Blum reenacted Amon's scene with a Korra fan. It was cool.

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Haha :D


All of those are pretty much fantastic! :)

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