Anime Based on Video Game Concepts

Anime Based on Video Game is a anime/manga concept
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Bounded Field

A type of magic used by magi within Type-Moon works where a user's prana creates a boundary line throughout a fixed area, separating itself from the outside.

Dead Apostle

Humans turned into vampires via magecraft or other vampires such as True Ancestors or other Dead Apostles.

Reality Marble

The inner world of a magical being which is manifested upon reality.


A type of spell used in Type-Moon works to enhance the properties of a person or thing.

Servant (Fate)

Warriors summoned for the Holy Grail War in Fate/ Stay Night. Legendary heroes of the past who are now half-spiritual beings with extreme power.


An international crime syndicate within the Street Fighter franchise controlled by M. Bison.

True Ancestor

Nature spirits in the form of vampires created as a countermeasure against the threat of humanity corrupting the environment of Earth.

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