Angry Landing

Angry Landing is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 05/03/2012

Yuki starts getting really annoyed with Haru, the alien, despite Haru getting along well with everyone else. After Haru and Yuki get the hang of casting with "Enoshima bowl", Natsuki takes them to start fishing in the ocean. This brings a new set of challenges to overcome, as Yuki tries to catch his first ever fish. Also we learn that Natsuki and his father are not on good terms with each other.

Plot Summary

Haru causing trouble
Haru causing trouble

It's busy around the house for Haru and Yuki since Kate went to stay at the hospital. It doesn't help that Haru keeps making mistakes like accidentally breaking dishes, that Yuki has to clean up after. They also go out to practice casting in the morning. Tamotsu (Natsuki's father) spots them practicing on the beach and invites them back to his restaurant. Tamotsu is excited to meet the two boys that his son has been teaching to fish. Haru says he is trying to catch one particular really big fish. Akira is watching Haru from a hidden camera. Haru seems happy and gets along well with others, but Yuki just thinks Haru is annoying. When Haru makes an off-hand comment about how the Usami's get along so well, there is an awkward moment and Yuki can tell there are some family problems. Yuki visits and tells Kate about the trouble Haru has been causing. Kate laughs and reassures Yuki that that is what is special about Haru. Kate also wonders if Yuki would still have fun if Haru went away.

Yuki's get his first bite
Yuki's get his first bite

When Haru and Yuki have their next fishing lesson with Natsuki, Natsuki says they are ready to start casting into the ocean. Yuki is happy but, Natsuki says they still don't understand the appeal of fishing, the feeling of catching something on your own. First Natsuki teaches them how to choose where to cast for sea bass. Next Natsuki teaches them how to use lures. They need to make the lure act like it's alive by reeling it in slowly, and also use their imagination to think of what the lure looks like to the fish they are trying to catch. Then they just wait and focus on not missing a bite. After a few casts, Yuki gets a bite. Natsuki advises him how to reel in the fish. It becomes a game with the fish of only reeling in when there is slack in the line. Yuki's gets close to catching the fish, but panics, reels in too fast, allowing the fish to shake the lure free. Yuki blames Haru for talking too much.

Natsuki and Sakura have dinner
Natsuki and Sakura have dinner

Akira visits the Hemingway Fishing Shop to show Misaki some new fishing gear, Misaki is impressed. Ayumi, the captain of a local fishing boat, overhears that Akira is looking for a big fish (this is probably because Haru is also looking for a big fish). Ayumi tries to impress Misaki by saying that fishing isn't about gear, it's about strength! Misaki humors Ayumi by saying he's cool. At the end of the day, Haru says Natsuki should invite his father to fish with them. Natsuki says no. At home, Natsuki talks with Sakura about how Haru can be a little strange, but fun too. When Tamotsu comes home, Natsuki gets irritated with him, saying that they got a weird call in the morning, asking to do something with the shop. Sakura, left in an awkward position, doesn't know what to say or do.

Haru explains to Kate that Yuki is mad at him
Haru explains to Kate that Yuki is mad at him

Haru senses the tension between Natsuki and Tamotsu and uses his water gun to control them both and have them fish together. When they come to their senses, Yuki has caught up with them, and Natsuki leaves immediately, despite Tamotsu offering to fish with them. Yuki pulls Haru aside and scolds him for breaking the promise Haru made to not use the water gun. Haru says he wants everyone to get along. Yuki scolds him again, saying it's not that simple, and that he wouldn't understand how humans feel because he's an alien. Yuki has had it with Haru, and tells him to do whatever he wants, go back home, to space or wherever. Haru visits Kate at the hospital to tell her what happened. Kate reassures Haru, but also tells him that sometimes saying sorry isn't always enough.

Natsuki congratulates Yuki on his first fish!
Natsuki congratulates Yuki on his first fish!

Haru doesn't go to school the next day, so Natsuki and Yuki fish without him. They notice that it's quieter, and Yuki says it's easier to fish this way "without that selfish guy". Natsuki says Yuki has changed, and before he could never tell that Yuki was thinking, and that maybe this change is partly because of Haru. Yuki says he just wants to fish. When he gets a bite, he focuses and is determined to lure this one in. "People and fish have the same determined attitude," explains Natsuki. Yuki finally catches it, and Natsuki is happy for him when Yuki asks to take a picture of it to show Haru. Yuki rushes home to show Haru the picture of his first fish, a sea bass, but cannot find him anywhere. Just when Yuki is about to give up searching, he sees Haru face down in the water, and jumps in thinking he has drowned, but Yuki can't swim.

Yuki tries showing Haru the picture
Yuki tries showing Haru the picture

When they are back on land, Yuki says he's still mad at Haru, but apologizes to him for getting mad at him so much. Haru says it's okay, and than even though he's an alien and doesn't understand, he wants to understand. Akira watches this development from a boat, and wonders if the alien has actually started making friends. Yuki tries showing Haru the picture, but his phone got soaked and Haru starts teasing him. "I caught a cold that day. Haru stayed by my side the whole time...His presence should've bothered me more than anyone else's."- Yuki Sanada

Points of Interest

  • Tamotsu (Natsuki's father) reveals that he was the one who came up with the "Enoshima bowl" chant to practice casting.
  • Natsuki explains that sea bass like to swim near rocks when they are feeding, this helps protect them from predators.

Characters & Voice Actors

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