Angel's Pistol (Dub: Winged Destroyers)

Angel's Pistol (Dub: Winged Destroyers) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 03/13/2002

Plot Summary

 Angel's Pistol- 天使のピストル - (Tenshi no Pisutoru)
Released on 3-13-2002

Winged Destroyers

Released on 11-27-2004
     At the airport, Manta boards the plane with Anna, Tamurazaki, and Tamao. Meanwhile at the battle, Yoh tries to hit Boris but fail. As he holds Lyserg, Millie gets targeted by Boris. Ryu and Millie rush to help Lyserg by shooting at Boris. Boris dodges Millie's attack and attack her with his cape. Ryu comes out and stops Boris's attack with Ame no Murakumo. Ryu sends Boris's attack at him with the help of Horohoro's Ikupasuy oversoul attack. Millie rush to grab Lyserg's body, but Ryu tries to hug Lyserg, yet Millie grab him back. When Horohoro says he feels better, Yoh and Ren notice a limit in Boris's ability.
     Ryu combs his hair and vows to take down Boris. The gang follow Boris to the theater building. Outside the church, Team Lilly fights the X-Laws to prevent them from wiping out Yoh's team. When Ren and his group tells Boris that he is not a vampire, Lyserg who is controlled by Blamuro attacks Yoh and grabs. At the same time, Boris has his stakes pointed at Ren and the others. Blamuro appears, and Lyserg who resists Blamuro's control tells Yoh to kill him. Yoh says no thanks.
    Yoh makes Lyserg bite himself. Boris unleashes his stakes on Ren's group, but Ryu, Ren, and Horohoro destroy them. When Boris tries to make Blamuro control Yoh, Yoh explains that he uses Hyoui Gattai (integrates with Amidamaru) to stop Blamuro. Amidamaru wrestles Blamuro down. Ren uses his Bason oversoul to inflict heavy damage on Boris after explaining Boris's spirit medium and how it works.
     Boris leaves, and Blamuro explains that he want to be Boris's spirit ally due to guilt he carried after killing his parents. However, X-Laws have Boris trapped in the church. Yoh tries to protect Boris, but Marco has his team unleash their Arch Angels on them. Boris jumps in and takes Michael's blade attack. Boris shows Yoh his gratitude, and his body shatters. Marco asks Yoh to join him, but Yoh decline. Lyserg who is awed at their power walk after Marco and his team.
     Lyserg tells Yoh that he is weak and the others are weak. He also tells Yoh that he is too kind, and he must join the X-Laws to get stronger. After Lyserg frees himself from Millie's grasp, the others watch the X-Laws leave with Lyserg. Blamuro thanks Yoh, and he heads to the afterlife to meet with Boris. When Millie cries for Lyserg, Yoh is first one to leave while the rest of his team leave team Lilly and move on.

Points of Interests


Besides, censoring Sally's cleavage every time she is in the episode, the stabbing scenes are edited so the sword does look like it will go through. All censorship are in the dub version.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga, Ryu delivers the final blow on Boris while in the anime, Ren delivers the final blow to Boris.
     Also, the way Boris dies is different in both versions. In the anime, Boris sacrifices himself to save Yoh while in the manga, Boris gets kill by Michael's blade. In the end, Boris is kill by the same Arch Angel.
     In the anime, Lyserg joins the X-Laws before reaching Patch Village. For the manga, Lyserg joins the X-Laws after reaching Patch Village and without a word to Yoh.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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