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In a timeless, placeless everytown, a boy with a crucifix arrives and meets the sole inhabitant, a young girl. She shows him her most treasured possession, a magical egg, which she believes will hatch one day. When the girl is asleep, the boy smashes the egg open but finds that it contains nothing. The boy heads off alone.

Plotless and highly symbolic with hardly any dialogue, reputedly a stream-of-consciousness exercise by Patlabor-director Oshii, the film features his trademark Christian imagery and an inexplicable passage through the town of soldiers with motorized artillery. Surreal elements recall Oshii's work on Urusei Yatsura, including spaceships full of silent people bearing other eggs and even shadows of fish that swim through the air in the city streets. The animation and design, incorporating work from 1001 Nights-creator and illustrator Amano, is beautifully executed. Parts of the film were plundered for interstitial footage in Carl Colpaert's live-action film In the Aftermath (1988).

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Yoshitaka Amano Concept Artist Yoshitaka Amano is one of Japan's premiere artists and illustrators.
Mamoru Oshii Director The director of the Ghost in the Shell films.
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Key Animator

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General Information Edit
Name: Angel's Egg
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1985
Name: 天使のたまご
Romaji: Tenshi no Tamago
Release Date:
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 108 (mins)
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Aliases Tenshi no Tamago
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