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A Close Combat-Type Delta Angeloid sent down to Earth by her Master in the world of Synapse to kill Tomoki Sakurai, she fails in her mission and takes up residence with Tomoki and Ikaros. She is quite the klutz, and seems to horribly blunder even the most simplest tasks.


The first ever 2nd-Generation Angeloid created, Chaos is sent down to Earth by her master in Synapse to kill Tomoki Sakurai and slaughter Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea for betraying Synapse. She has the looks of a child, but deep within lies a twisted monster who only wishes for your suffering.


The two twin Angeloid bodyguards of the mysterious Man of Synapse, the Harpies are sent down to Earth to recover Ikaros and bring an unknowing Nymph back home to be scrapped. Their cruelty towards others is nothing short of shocking, they clearly take after their master.

Hiyori Kazane

A second-year student at Sorami High, Hiyori Kazane becomes friends with Tomoki Sakurai and possesses strong feelings for him. Unknown to Tomoki, not everything is what it appears to be with Hiyori. She has a secret only Eishiro and the Angeloids Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea know regarding her real identity.


First Generation: Pet-Class Angeloid Ikaros falls down from the hidden world of Synapse and to Earth, where Tomoki Sakurai saves her from being smashed by falling rubble. She then saves Tomoki from being crushed by a massive pillar, and after they reach the ground, she imprints him as her master.

Ikaros Melan

The latest 2nd Generation Angeloid that the Man of Synapse has created, Ikaros Melan is a corrupted, sinister version of Pet-Class Angeloid Ikaros that has access to her powerful Uranus Queen abilities. She is sent down to Earth by her master to eliminate the Angeloids along with target Tomoki Sakurai.


The second Angeloid that Tomoki Sakurai encounters in Heaven's Lost Property. She is originally sent by the wicked Man of Synapse to kill Tomoki and take Ikaros back to her master so he can extract the rare "Variable-type Wings" from Ikaros.


A First Generation Medical Specialist Angeloid that follows the unknowing Eishiro through the portal on Synapse back to Sorami, Angeloid Oregano is brought to Tomoki's house in order to determine what to do with her. Mikako eventually "adopts" Oregano and becomes her new master after Tomoki refuses to take her.

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