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The highly advanced humanoid beings created by the people of Synapse, Angeloids serve various purposes for their masters in Synapse. They come in several different models, and greatly vary in the powers and strength from one model to the other. So far, there are two generations of Angeloids created.


Although their original creation is not exactly known, Angeloids were created by the inhabitants of the mysterious realm of Synapse in order to serve various purposes for their masters. At the start of the Sora no Otoshimono storyline, the Angeloids were being created notably by the angel Daedalus from her small workshop within one of the levels that makes up Synapse. As the story progresses, the powerful Man of Synapse joins in on the creation/production of Angeloids and develops a new "generation" of advanced, superior models compared to the models that were created by others such as Daedalus.


It is not known as to what exactly inspired the creation of the Angeloids by manga writer/artist Suu Minazuki.



Created in order to serve the every wish and desire that their masters ask of them, Pet Class Angeloids are obedient servants who use the specialized Transport Card in order to summon whatever their master wishes from a special area of Synapse. The majority (if not all) of the Pet Class Angeloids are currently in the possession of the powerful Man of Synapse, who is constantly seen lounging on his couches with them when he has free time. They are also known to serve their masters with their bodies, if the request or demand from their owners is made of them.

Electronic Warfare Class

Specializing in advanced hacking, stealth, and recon skills, Electronic Warfare Class Angeloids are the ones sent out into battle when the mission requires someone of their expertises in order to accomplish their master's goals. They house advanced technologies that make them harder to detect, allows for them to crack into any computer network through their superior hacking talents, and makes them a force to be reconed with in combat. However, they do not possess many attacks of significant power and are the weakest of the combat-oriented Angeloids.

Close Combat Class

Specializing in the use of close quarters combat, the Close Combat Class Angeloids are the ones sent into battle in order to wreck havoc upon their master's enemies due to the staggering strength and weapons that they employ in combat. They are experts in engaging their targets at close range, using both their impressive strength and battle capabilities in order to gain the upper hand in combat.


First Generation


Better known as Ikaros in the series, Alpha is originally a highly advanced model of Angeloid that houses the nigh-unstoppable powers of the Variable-Type Wing core in conjunction with her staggering Uranus Queen abilities. It is said that Alpha was the thing that single-handedly caused the wide scale destruction of the city of Babylon in ancient times. However, she is captured in Synapse in an attempt to end her reign of terror and forcefully converted into a meaningly harmless Pet Class Angeloid, who's sole purpose in life is to serve her master without fail. She escapes from Synapse by "falling" down to Earth, where she comes across Tomoki Sakurai and makes him her new master. She was created by the talented angel Daedalus in Synapse.


Better known as Nymph in the series, Beta is a highly skilled hacker who is under the ownership of the wicked Man of Synapse and sent down to Earth in an attempt to recapture the fallen Ikaros when her services are called upon. Using her stealth abilities, she manages to stalk her prey until the moment is right and she jumps into action. Using her hacking skills, she tries to hack into all of the systems that Ikaros has operating within her, but by accident unlocks the one part of the system suppressing the unstoppable Uranus Queen mode and results in the failure of her mission. She was created by the talented angel Daedalus in Synapse.


Better known as Astraea in the series, Delta is the most powerful Angeloid employed under the ownership of the Man of Synapse in the Sora no Otoshimono franchise at the time that she is introduced into the main story. She is sent down to Earth in order to kill/capture Ikaros and to eliminate Tomoki Sakurai for her master. Using her deadly photon-powered sword Chrysaor and the powerful Aegis L Shield System, she has the might and equipment to take down her rival, but as a tradeoff for her system's staggering speed and strength, she has very low brain processing and it results in her being a hyper klutz around others, resulting in constant failures in her misson. She was created by the talented angel Daedalus in Synapse.


Better known as the twin Harpies in the series, the two Gamma-model Angeloids are under the ownership of the Man of Synapse, serving him as both his trusted bodyguards and his most loyal followers who aid him in his schemes to recover Ikaros and to eliminate her human master Tomoki Sakurai. They are sent down to Earth to aid the struggling Nymph but are blasted back to Synapse by the power of the Uranus Queen mode that Ikaros utilizes in battle. From that point on, they remain in Synapse, focused on guarding their master and staying on the lookout for any invaders after Eishiro Sugata begins traveling to Synapse in order to explore the mysterious realm. Their exact creator is unknown at this time, but it could be assumed that they were created by the Man of Synapse, who is their current master.

Pet Class

Not much is known about these type of Angeloids outside of the fact that they are to serve their master's every wish and whim without fail by using the powerful Transport Cards that they are entrusted with. They are all seen keeping the Man of Synapse occupied with their companionship as he plans out his latest schemes from his palace in Synapse against Tomoki and the Angeloids on Earth. Angeloid Ikaros was forcefully converted into a Pet Class Angeloid after she was captured by Synapse, and when she first met Tomoki, she made him into her newest master to serve. Ikaros was released from her Pet Class mode and returned to her original Alpha Class mode after the unsuspecting Nymph hacked into the wrong data system when trying to capture her for the Man of Synapse.

Second Generation


Better known as Hiyori Kazane in the series, Zeta is the hybrid combination of Hiyori's angel body and the sophisticated technology of an Angeloid crafted by the Man of Synapse himself. She uses the powerful abilities that she has mastered in order to control the weather and atmosphere against her master's enemies. She is freed from her ownership by the Man of Synapse after Nymph manages to successfully hack into and deactivate the part of her system that makes her his loyal servant.


Better known as Chaos in the series, Epsilon is the 1st of the new "Generation" of advanced Angeloids that are created by the Man of Synapse in his attempt to kill/capture Ikaros and to eliminate Tomoki Sakurai along with his friends on Earth. Chaos has the ability to perfectly mimic anyone that she chooses to become, allowing for her to get close to her targets and begin using her deception and mind game talents in order to gain the advantage over her rivals. She features a new system that lets her adapt to changing conditions and situations, thus resulting in Chaos becoming more and more dangerous as her system continues to evolve.


A special type of aquatic Angeloid created by the Man of Synapse in order to kill both Tomoki Sakurai and Ikaros down on Earth, Seiren was stationed out in the Pacific Ocean awaiting her orders to carry out her mission when both of her targets suddenly appeared in the area. Before she could engage them in combat, Seiren was impaled by one of the bladed wings that Chaos has and absorbed into her body via her PANDORA system.


Better known as Ikaros Melan in the series, Theta is the creation from the Man of Synapse's successful attempt to create his own version of Ikaro's powerful Variable-Type Wing core that he so desperately craves to have. Theta is a nearly flawless duplicate of the original Ikaros, the only difference being in the behavior she displays towards those she becomes involved with (due to the minor flaws in the synthetic core that she is equipped with). She is the foundation that leads to the rapid development of different, more advanced models that the Man of Synapse sends down to Earth in order to wipe out the survivors of the Ikaros Melan attack.


While the majority of Angeloids that are produced do not change or advance their abilities in the duration of their lives, there are select models that house the powerful PANDORA System, a revolutionary unit that allows for the Angeloid it is programmed into to evolve and become more advanced over time. This is seen in Volume Thirteen when both Ikaros and Nymph have their PANDORA systems activated in their brutal conflict with both Ikaros Melan and the army of Angeloids. Chaos too has the PANDORA System engaged in her body, but her version is different that it is always active and that it allows for her to gradually adapt/evolve over time. Below are the Angeloids that currently have or do not have the PANDORA System in the duration of the Sora no Otoshimono:

PANDORA-Active Angeloids

  1. Ikaros (activates PANDORA from its locked stage within her system in the aftermath of the conflict with Ikaros Melan)
  2. Nymph (activates PANDORA from its locked stage within her system during the Ikaros Melan confrontation)
  3. Astraea (?) (unknown as to if creator Daedalus installed it within her system, but it is assumed that she has one)
  4. Chaos (uses a always active, modified variation of the fabled PANDORA system created by the Man of Synapse that allows her to slowly adapt to and overcome obstacles that she faces)

Non-PANDORA Angeloids

  1. Seiren
  2. Ikaros Melan
  3. Harpies
  4. Hiyori Kazane
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