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A six episode OVA that was later adapted into a serialized manga in Newtype magazine.

 At the close of the 20th century, Japan forms a Special Security force to protect it from foreign terrorists like the fanatical Red May. Angel, the newest officer, loses her partner, Raiden, to psychic vigilantes and suspects that she has more to fear from a secret government cybernetics project than from left-wing activists. Soon all hell breaks loose, as cyborgs and psychics fight for access to the secrets of the mysterious "H-File."

Consisting of long fight scenes stitched together by ham-fisted expository soliloquies, Angel Cop wastes loving detail on weapons and machinery but leaves its characters shallow and uninteresting. A nasty bloodbath from Violence Jack-director Ichiro Itano, it fails despite a crew of great talents who would go on to work on Escaflowne, Armitage III, and, admittedly, the equally soulless Kite. 

The original creator, Taku Kitazaki, was only 17 when he sold his first story, shooting to fame thanks to his work's resemblance to flavor-of-the-moment Akira. As one might expect from the creator whose publications include War Story Busty, Angel Cop is aimed squarely at the lowest common denominator. Different arms of the military show off their hardware and are then trashed by psionic supersoldiers, while a mad scientist cackles . . . madly. The final showdown is against Lucifer, a glacial blonde seemingly modeled on Brigitte Nielsen, in whose bone-crunching defeat the good guys take an ethnically suspect pleasure-a few of their antiforeign quips have survived the English-language dub, though the original Japanese script is far more anti-American and anti-Semitic throughout. There is, however, an ironic happy ending; by the time Angel Cop was made, its 23-year-old creator had already tired of the genre and moved into gentle romance with Like This Love Song. LNV    
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Ichiro Itano
Hiroyuki Ochi

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Name Angel Cop
Name: エンゼルコップ
Romaji: Enzeru Koppu
Publisher ?
Start Year 1989
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