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A future where The planet is covered with so much Pollution that the Human race must live in cities built in the sky. Soon Monsters invade the cities attacking and assaulting women. Only one Person can stop this Threat The Moonlight Knight Angel Blade.

In a future in which only 99 human cities remain above the clouds of a war-torn Earth, a floating castle appears in the sky over City 69, and an evil force plots against women. Moena becomes Angel Blade, a fighter with the beauty of a goddess who appears to rescue the victims from bondage, rape, and depravity, all of which feature prominently, since the Dark Mother is trying to conquer Earth by attacking girls at a college, as one does. Masami Obari is renowned for eroticizing mainstream anime, but here he makes a rare foray into pornography, bringing with him a larger budget than usual in order to make an erotic anime that has an involved plot to accompany the usual rapes and assaults. The English voice cast use pseudonyms like Likki DeeSplit and Syndi Snackwell in an effort to keep it off their more respectable resumés. An erotic SF adventure with the gravity-defying breasts and cute pointy noses for which Obari is renowned. A "movie" edit also exists, which runs the first three episodes together with some bonus footage. For the sequel series, the show was renamed Angel Blade Punish. NV

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Masami Obari

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General Information Edit
Name Angel Blade
Name: エンジェルブレイド
Romaji: Enjeru Bureido
Publisher Studio G-1 Neo
Start Year 2001
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