Angel Beats!: Thoughts *Spoilers*

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Hey Guys,  
I've just finished Angel Beats and well I really liked it! I think it was best described by GodLen when he said '  Basically, this anime is a roller coaster of emotions' as that sums it up so well. It has you laughing one minute and crying the next(I loved the Looney Toons -isque slap stick humor in episode 2!). The whole show felt very well crafted together and the animation was top notch, although it is a shame that they kinda teased us with uber awesome animation during the Girl's Dead Monster gigs and then don't apply them in any other scenes (like the action scenes for example), although thats just me picking holes. 
I hope I wasn't the only one with tears in their eyes when Yuzuru was left all on his lonesome, although it's all good if you watch after the credits cos he finds Kenade. 
Now I've heard this being compared to 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' and although I have tried to watch it I couldn't get past the first episode and its cheesy home movie isque feel. Or maybe more to the point it caught me off guard I guess. I might give it another shot... Would I miss out if I skip the first episode and maybe come back to it as I heard the episodes are kind of mish mashed together. 
Anyways I should get a Angel Beats! review up soon (fingers crossed) and maybe a Code Geass: R2 one as well if I can compose myself.  
Till next time!  
The Triforce Fighter
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@TriforceF: First off the first episode of Haruhi that you saw was not the first episode. Thats the episode where they make the movie, its broadcast episode 1, but chronologically its like episode 7 or something. I suggest watching it in chronological order.  
I just finished watching Angel Beats as well, I say it was OK, but a little rushed. A lot of it went to fast and didn't quite make sense. Why is this afterlife limbo world being affected by computer programs? How did the Angel girl program all those powers into herself? She died, woke up and immediately started finding and using reality altering software? Why did it seem like some of the other normal characters had superhuman stats as well? Idk, there were to many (sometimes cliche) characters and not enough time. It was good but could have been better. 
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@hitsusatsu11: Yeah I know what you mean. I kinda just rolled with it. I think if they had more episodes they could've gone a lot further with it. Plus the fact I always thought the whole idea of 'purgatory' was a place where people go to atone for their sins as it were and these guys didn't really sin just didn't live fulfilling lives.  
 I think the whole superhuman thing can be explained by the fact this world can be controlled by them to a certain extent and if they can make weapons etc why can't they look how they want and give themselves superhuman strength? Like Yui for instance in reality she can't walk although in this world she's bouncing of the walls so to speak = P And I also think sometimes the superhuman strength is used for comedic purposes too and could be seen as exaggerated instead of superhuman.  
I dunno I could just be 'fan wanking' but there's very little information given so you gotta assume stuff. Plus I reckon my views on this is slightly jaded at the moment seeing as I've just finished watching it. Thats why I'm gonna write the review in a bit instead of straight away X D
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You can link the shows and characters in your blog (for those who want to know more about the shows and stuff). So I don't repeat myself I'll give the link to my thoughts on Angel Beats! here. Don't forget that the score was also very good and I agree it's one of a few anime that can make you laugh and cry in the same episode. Im curious as to which US company will license it (I'm surprised it hasn't been already). Code Geass is one of my top animes and I'm still waiting for boxsets. I've also heard there may be a second season of Angel Beats!.

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@TriforceF: Na, you gave a pretty fair analysis. I to just finished watching it this morning at the end of a night shift. 
It was a good show. It was short obviously so some of the characters couldn't be fully developed. 
Also a thing I noticed was Yui and that other guy were acting like they would meet up in the next life and she'd be crippled like she was in her previous life, but really wasn't that statistically impossible? It was a nice happy ending I guess when buddy met up with the Angel girl in the next life, but to it seems a little impossible  that they would meet up in the next life looking so similar to there former selves, but hey, its a show right?  
@sotyfan16: You think in a second season they'd have  new cast in the limbo world, or would they follow/include the lives of the season one cast? 
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@hitsusatsu11: If they did a prequel to the original now that would be interesting. Would give them a chance to flesh out the characters like TK (although his one liners were the best) or maybe the story from Kanade's point of view? That would possibly make more OVA material apposed to a full series on second thoughts. 
And the kinda 'Flash forward' with Hinata and Yui I interpreted as a 'what if' Yui was paralyzed in her next life again and depicts how even then Hinata will still love her. Just adding pictures to their words really. I don't think that actually happened. I mean we didn't see Iwasawa's next life so why Yui and Hinata's?  
@sotyfan16 Code Geass does have a boxset, I just looked it up on Amazon or do you mean you haven't brought it yet X D Anyways Code Geass is awesome even if its full of Pizza Hut propaganda! 
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Those aren't really boxsets. More like double volumes. I'm waiting for real boxsets: one for each season. Til then I'll keep watching it elsewhere. Pizza is an odd choice for food obsession. If we did have that though we wouldn't get this: 

I love pizza even more now :)
I love pizza even more now :)

Not having read the manga, I'm not sure. The ending pretty well closed the deal unless it would be about the cast being together while alive. A prequel would be a possibility as well (as TriforceF stated).
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^^This guy brings up a good point. 
Main characters/no memories dude obviously died before Angel girl (since she has his heart) so why is Angel in the limbo world a long time before no memories dude appears? 
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