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Hrm, excellent recovery Key. 
Get chance and luck! *stab*
Get chance and luck! *stab*
Last episode, you may remember that I was complaining about the prevalence of the clone in anime and other Japanese media. Its a huge cliche. But in this episode, seemingly to make it up to me, they shattered a cliche more prevalent throughout fiction; that the plan the heroes throw together at the last minute always works. This time it seems to have backfired in a big way, and it feels good. They also played with cliches as each character made their sacrifice. The "shonen hero death" and rockin' TK being the best. 
The guns the SSS uses seem to be completely ineffective, yet Tenshi and her clones don't bother to move while they're using their shields. It seems they would have no problem tearing these foes apart... 
The episode felt very short, like not much happened, and it ended on a real cliffhanger (even more so than poor little Yui :P). What will Tenshi be like when she recovers? Will she be back to her old self? Will she carry a new-found malice in her heart? Damn it cliffhanger, I have so many questions that need answering! 
Finals are all over, so I'll be giving it my all over the final 5 episodes! I love these short seasons!
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