AgentJ's Imitation Watch and Learn: Angel Beats! #6

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 Are you hitting on me?
 Are you hitting on me?

Hrm, that Naoi is a real asshole isn’t he?

Finally, Finally, FINALLY, we get to see our “blank slate” DO something. He remains something of an enigma, but for the first time since the first episode, I’m interested in the character. Instead of being along for the ride, he was a focal point, and that is a very important change. One that could really lift my already high expectations for Angel Beats! Sure, it was the typical “YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST” BS, but maybe this is part of what they are building towards, and even though it was pretty typical drivel, it was still emotional. My biggest question now is whether or not we’ll have to wait until the last episode to find his past.

As usual, we get a little sob-story for the new character of the week, and while this one is as sad as the rest, I worry the effect will be lost the more they do it. The SSS has quite a few members; will we see the last moments of each of the resistors?

So is Tenshi no longer the bad girl? That’s a development I’m okay with, especially after getting to know her better in this episode. She wasn’t wholly unsympathetic in earlier episodes, but now she’s an ADORABLE killing machine. Any scene featuring Otonashi’s new relationship with her is a scene I’m looking forward to.  But as those two arrive at the forefront, Yuri seems to be pushed to the wayside. 

 I kind of forgot over the last few episodes, but the animation really is quite nice. It seems totally void of the static frames that plague anime these days; nearly every scene with a character is in vibrant motion.    
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