AgentJ's Imitation Watch and Learn: Angel Beats! #2

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Is there anything better than a day off in the entire world? 
If there is, its probably the gorgeous opening to Angel Beats! The song and animation are beautiful,  though it gives me a strong feeling that Tenshi is going to die by the end of it all... I don't think I can overstate it. The opening is amazing. Perhaps my favorite since the end of the first season of Code Geass, and that one didn't even have animation. 
You comin' on to me? 
You comin' on to me? 

Belied by the emotional opening is the content of the actual episode, which I found uproariously funny. The situation near the beginning with the pole-ax guy (name?) where the music began to play was so great that I had to go back and watch it again. And again. It doesn't stop being funny no matter how many times I watch it. I would really look forward to seeing a good dub of this, but even without the humor has been top-notch so far.    
The animators really succeed with the animation. The fight and explosion near the end are pretty and well-scripted. Also something I found impressive was that they do a good job making the attacks on Tenshi feel... uncomfortable. She's just this fragile little schoolgirl, who is being attacked mercilessly by all sorts of weapons and explosives. 
Very surprising was that while it wasn't shown on screen, one of the characters suffered a death violent enough to send other characters into bouts of vomiting. Since deaths are like Hersheys kisses in this world, you'd think nothing would surprise the SSS. I guess thats what happens when you're transported into a quicktime event from Resident Evil 4. Also surprising was that we got Yuri's backstory so early. That stuff usually doesn't happen until much later. 
Still... it all seems very formulaic two episodes in. You start with Yurippe sending orders, everyone battles Tenshi, and they live happily ever after. From the feedback I've gotten, I assume this must not be the case forever, but the formula is a bit distracting. 
 He sacrificed himself...
 He sacrificed himself...

I also feel like some of these characters remind me of others, besides the obvious Haruhi inspirations. Shiina the ninja has the same demeanor as Shiina the ninja from Tales of Symphonia. Otonashi's gay friend (:P), while not being quite the same character, has a bit of a certain combat butler in him. And is Otonashi Emiya, of Fate/Stay Night? I suppose only time will tell. But as I continue through the show, I get the impression that it started out as "lets throw all our favorite characters into one anime!". Not really a criticism, just an observation. 
I don't know if TK is from something else, but he's still awesome. He uses his horrible engrish so confidently. 
Edit: Am I the only one getting a "last supper" vibe from the ED?
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