AgentJ's Imitation Watch and Learn: Angel Beats! #11

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The appearance of yet another new enemy! Who is the mysterious "hacker of the afterlife?!?" 
"You are toilet paper, wiping my ass and circling down the drain" 
"You are toilet paper, wiping my ass and circling down the drain" 
We finally seem to be heading toward the conclusion of Angel Beats! and I'm really enjoying how it is all beginning to tie together. We see that Tenshi (hence forth remembered as Kanade) isn't the only one that can play with the fabric of the world, and that fact seems to have her standing off out of the way looking into space while people nearby talk about her. We get the grand return of Yurippe to the forefront, as she reveals that Otonashi is awful at hiding things. (Like seriously, he is a "Naked Gun level secret-keeper.)  
And we are supplied with what in my opinion may be the most moving scene so far (certainly in the top three); showing each of the characters agonizing over whether they want to stay, or disappear, of course set to our beautiful ending theme.  Of course, we all deal with life-changing issues in our own way, and TK apparently copes by continuously break dancing. Seriously, one of the best characters ever. Seeing our pole ax-wielding friend looking at the picture of Yurippe while making his decision was very moving.
I'm really happy that Yuri outed Otonashi the way she did, because I don't think I could have accepted another episode of his charade. I suppose its a little upsetting that the didn't seem to be angry in the least, but it was pretty much the same reaction Otonashi had to the thief in the subway tunnels, so I can't be too angry. I'm curious to see if there's a parallel to be noted there. Otonashi also reacted well to being called out. He didn't deny it or run away from it, but simply explained his case the best he could. WHICH IS WHAT HE SHOULD HAVE DONE FROM THE START! Still, I think finally, after nearly a dozen episodes, I can accept him as the main character. 
Going into these final episodes, I find it hard to believe that the hacker-bad guy could possibly be someone we haven't met yet. Even Naoi was introduced an episode before he started screwing with our heroes. But the only logical choice would then be our buddy "christ". He certainly has the god complex, the technical expertise, and he's had access to Kanade's software, but he just doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to go around stealing souls. 
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